Partition a flash drive

I know that this topic has been visited before, but i have now upgraded to the 4k max and cannot find older related details on partitioning a flash drive. Thanks for your help

Please review this for all firestick issues and guides, if the following hasn’t worked feel free to ask.

This should resolve most to all issues.

Ask Miki…I don’t think that partitioning a drive for a 4k Max is going to do any good. You must either use the extra room for content or apps, not both.


Elgin is correct. It’s a shame that Amazon made adding storage to the firestick 4K Max easy, only to limit it to either apps or recording but not both. I’m getting a 3rd gen cube asap and then I can add a large drive and format it ntfs and eliminate the fat32 size limitations.

That’ll be a great device!

The question is whether that extra storage on your cube will work for both storing apps & recording content.

From what I’ve heard it can be both. But with the cube having a good size internal storage I would put my apps there. I presently have a 16GB sandisk 3.0 and can’t even fill it up with all the apps I have and test. The large external drive formatted to NTFS would take a ton of recordings, depending on the codec of course. I read about 1 guy that attached a 1TB drive. Now if anyone wanted to go that route I would talk to @TXRon and ask him how to set up something like a plex server. More versatile I suspect.

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WOW, 1 TB would be overkill!!!
Unless somehow you were ripping 2140P blu-rays or something.

Exactly. I’m like OMG are you setting up a video library?

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