Padres Baseball

Im trying to fine best sports streaming on mobile device. I want to watch my Padres I have IPVanish for vpn on phone I also have laptop and fire stick throughout the house. Be nice to find something that work on all devices.


Just go to and watch on your browser. Either on your phone or devices. Adjust the quality to 720 in the settings if needed and you should be good to go.

Just noticed that they dont have the Apple Tv game. Not sure about the Amazon games. They show other sports too.

I aslo recommend watching in Black and White becuase those uniforms they are wearing today are hideous. :rofl:

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SportsFire is an excellent app with great quality feeds and about every sport you could want. I personally use IPTV but have it for my backup.

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watching a game now :+1:

Watched the Dodgers on my iptv channels, so basically AppleTV+ and buffered really bad. However on the Giants game , none. So an AppleTV problem

Yeah. I found the Apple game on a kodi addon. After trying a few links i found a perfect feed with no buffering.

Haven’t had any major issues with watching tvaddon from a browser yet (other than a temporary browser/cloudfare issue). Sports or otherwise. Really easy to access without worrying about apks, downloads and updates. Its just a website.

Edit: when i say Appple game i mean the 1 game on Fridays that they take away from regular broadcast. Not a subscription Apple TV service. I think the game was free last year bur not sure about this year. You just needed to open an Apple account.

That worked was able to watch some of game today they avoided sweep nice win.
It did start buffering though was on my phone and had ip vanish connected wonder if that was why?

Glad it worked out. Yeah i had some buffering today too. Also using IPV. Not sure if it was coincidence. Not used to that happening. Hopefully a temporary glitch.

Must be nice to see your team win. I’m still waiting. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I use and have no problem finding any game I’m looking for.

Yeah they even have the Apple Tv game today. I didn’t see it there last week.