How to Install SportsFire V1.0.5 on Firestick & Android TV

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This in-depth report of SportsFire will provide you with important information that you need to know about this app on Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV/Google TV, and more. Is SportsFire safe to use? Is SportsFire legal? How do I install SportsFire APK? We will answer those questions and more in this article. The reason why…

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Have 4K Max getting 250MB speed connected to ethernet USB 2.0 adapter but still buffering on SportsFire, Firestick storage 2Gb Free, and deleted unnecessary apps off Firestick, emailed SportsFire and they said there must be something on my end because they’ve added new servers? HELP

Not a solution but I just press Back button on fire remote and go straight back in, for a free apk I can put up with a little buffering

I gave sports fire a two month heavy duty run. I found the interface quite good. I found the schedule really good and I found the availability of channels first rate,

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t work, the buffering is awful.

I tried contacting the developer to no avail, so although I liked elements of the app, it’s useless if you can’t see anything for more than three seconds before the buffering starts and that’s the case with SportsFire

I’ve moved on .

Strange only thing I can think of is your ISP in my experience no matter the plan or speed on your internet some ISPs are for a reason I don’t know a lot more difficult to stream third party apps and services. Have seen it a lot and can’t explain it even VPN doesn’t help. If available in your area I know Comcast Xfinity is a great ISP choice for streaming 3rd party apps and services

I’ve had SportsFire for a long time now and never get any buffering. On a Shield Pro, using Proton VPN, with servers near the source area. I’m watching stuff now without one second of buffering. Might be worth your effort to focus on your device and your internet infrastructure. Lots of articles here on buffering and the steps you can take to limit or eliminate it. I’m on a 150Mbps down 60 up Fiber service and even with the VPN on I get all of that and more. Overkill really for what I do but it works for me. Just tested Canada, USA, and UK sources. No buffering. Use the search :mag: at the top :point_up: for “buffering” threads. Even check out Troy’s

for tutorials that can help.

BW475099 is correct buffering is unbearable nothing to do with internet speed it is the app… and it is the only one that does it at my end, has been the same for any new versions,tried with vpn off vpn on vpn on different servers,
turns out all the same

I have the same app and do not have any buffering at all. So I can only suggest looking into other reasons for buffering.

can try thanks

I get buffering from time to time on Sportsfire . Rebooting the android box , router and modem helps .

Don’t know if this is still relevant, but I have been searching for a while for an app my dad, an old timer that is intimidated by tech. could easily navigate. And I’ve used quite a few. Dofu, VIP, Frontrow, and all the other regular suspects. In my experiences most load up nicely, some interfaces look amazing, some are extremely confusing to use, I’ve accidentally pushed my share of totally legit looking links and was sent to pay subscriptions, or other questionable websites. And when I did find one that looked promising, none of the links worked or the buffering was unbearable, I’ve had the best luck with Dofu but it is still hit and miss, and none of them are Dad friendly, he would take one look at all those links and would just basically give up trying to learn to use any app I would throw at him. Anyway, short story made long, I discovered SportsFire here on Troys best free sports app list. It’s super easy to use, even the old man can figure out icons. And he freaking loves it, and best of all we haven’t gotten any buffering whatsoever.
(using it for about a week now) I’m watching hockey highlights on the NHL Network as I write this and so far, still buffer free. It blows me away how good this app works. FYI I have pretty decent internet with a speedefy router, nothing special. My Dad and I both thank you Troy for having one of the best, if not the best databases of cord cutting information anywhere.

Used it from start no problems

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Sportsfire buffering makes it unwatchable on my firestick. It’s horrible.

sportsfire works great watching it now suggest problem your end