Orionoid alternatives

I like using Orionoid to create customized Express and Kosmos packages with Sycler. Very easy to use and create.

My subscription is coming to an end soon and I would like to purchase another year subscription. However, the issue is they are not accepting PayPal or a normal credit card anymore. I dont want to use crypto to pay and I cannot use sites such as webpay as they will not allow me to create an account as I am guessing I live outside the U.S.

Are there similar sites where I can create custom Express and/or Kosmos packages for Syncler other than Orionoid?


You can use Orion with real debrid and use there provider on free and paid versions of syncler. You can buy crypto with paypal in small amounts with out id using paxful. The seller will have limits of how much you can buy and minimums. Syncler is one of the best out there so is orion. I use this to buy syncler with crypto, i do have a coinbase but im tired of the never ending verification trash.

If you want to cut costs id suggest real debrid and pair it with stremio or use kodi with seren.

Take a look here for the best recommend aps with real debrid setup.

Kodi seren
Stremio with community addons

They are the best.

You can buy crypto with paypal in small amounts with out id using paxful…i’d like to learn more about this…i just searched paxful here and it just brings up this conversation…if u could steer me in the right direction, cool beanz…

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Because it’s the first time its been mentioned here so the search referred you to all keywords. Paxful is amazing for buying crypto and its now my go to for small amounts of crypto for this hobby.

Thanx for the reply TP-Dracoo

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