Onn tv box RCA tv codes did not work, can you manualy input codea

Hi everyone, just received my Onn Google TV box, went and set this up as per Troypoint guide, set this up on my Sharp TV no problem, did the TV code for the volume, power and inputs. when finished I disconnected and connected this to my RCA TV, again went through the process to program the remote to the RCA TV, went through all the codes that this box had loaded but had no luck, did a search on the internet for RCA codes and came up with more then the box had, Does anyone know how to manually enter the codes for this remote on this box, I could not find any guide online or doing a seach here. Thanks for any and all replys

You may need to remove your sharp tv codes and then add the rca separately…
Hope this can help…

Ok will try that first, I should be able to delete the Sharp ones I hope

Ok so that did not work, factory reset, hooked up to my RCA TV, used all the codes with no luck. could not find a guide on how to manually input a code on the Onn box with the remote, not possible

Am I understanding correctly, you’re wanting to use the same Onn box on 2 different tvs? One is a Sharp brand and the other an RCA brand. And you want to switch the box back and forth at times?

Excuse me but I do believe the ONN box asks for the brand of tv you are using…
I have yet to have it not find the tv code…
Does your normal remote work on your tv?

I hope you can get it to work, it is strange though…

Maybe you know the answer, I’ve got to be missing something because I’m still trying to figure this out, lol. Why did he hook it up to the Sharp tv and program it and then disconnect it from the Sharp and hook it up to the RCA tv and try to program it again?

I think he just wanted to be able to use it in both locations.
What else could it be?
The ONN box allows to you to select the tv you want to use in the settings so I don’t see why he would have a problem…

Thanks for the reply…

Sorry about confusing everyone. Here is what I have going on. I have 3 firesticks for 3 TV’s , with all the stuff going on with Firestick lately I thought I would order a Onn box and give this a try, so when the box came in I did the setup on my Sharp TV just to get it loaded up, then I moved it to the TV that I wanted to use this for but had to reprogram the remote for the RCA TV, but all the 13 codes that was listed did not work on the remote, someone mentioned that I needed to delete the Sharp setup and then try the RCA codes again. The only way to remove the Sharp setup was to do a factory reset, so I did that and then set this up on the RCA TV, but still no luck on all the 13 codes, just a pain using the TV remote for the volume and power and the Onn remote for the rest.I did a RCA code search on the web and came up with more then 13 codes so was asking if anyone knows how to manually enter the codes from the remote. Nice Little box so far, just the TV remote and the screen sizing are the issues I am running into, cannot adjust the size to match my TV screen, the default is to big and I cant adjust down (when into the TV setting also with no luck) and that it

Did you try adjusting your tv settings as well?
I’ve had no problem with the ONN remote at all…
I’ve never had to put in a code for the tv.
The box asks you for the model and you select it…


Have you tried accessing the settings of the Onn and adjusting some of the remote settings?

Settings > Remotes and accessories > Set up remote buttons

If you follow these steps it should get you to a screen where you can change the Onn remote settings so you can use it to change the volume and power on and off your TV.

Pez149, yes I did go into my TV settings to have a look around, but what would I look for that would assist the Onn remote to correctly select my TV code?. When I did the factory reset and set this box up on the RCA TV, I did select RCA on the Onn box and went through all the 13 codes with not luck.

Matteos, Thanks for the suggestion, I will give that a try and see if that will allow me to enter the codes that I have off the Web manually. stay tunned

What model of RCA TV do you have? Have you gone to the RCA site and used the code finder app? Sorry I should have asked first. Did you find a way in the Onn to enter codes?

How do you enter a code on an Onn remote?
Turn on your device (not on standby) and point the ONN remote towards it. …
Hold down the Setup key until the LED under the Device key blinks twice.
Enter the first 4 digit code listed for your brand (e.g. 1840 for LG). …
Now aim the remote towards your device and press the Power key.
ONN Support

No I have not, but now will definitely try this, as for the Model, will have to wait until I get home from work to look that up. I have not yet found a way to enter codes into the Onn box manually yet, but I will keep looking, Going to try what Matteos suggested.

I just posted the Onn support site. Maybe worth looking at their remotes. I will see if I can find specific info for the 4K Box.

Nice Miki, will give this a try tonight and see if I can get this to work, One more question about the Onn box, the default screen size is way to big for my TV, no setting in the Onn box to adjust and my TV setting have nothing either, is the a App that you can download that will let me adjust the screen size through the App, This would solve one of my issues with the Onn box.

Should be “scaling” in the Onn settings somewhere. Let me look. Have you tried setting screen resolution to “Auto” Seems the latest Onn dropped the screen scaling feature.

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Miki, went to the Onn support site, Looks like I need to order this universal remote first, then use the code finder and my TV model number to get the correct code, as this remote have a number keypad, the original Onn remote does not have the keypad,

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ok thanks, I went through all the setting over and over and could not see that setting anywhere, the TV I have this on now, in it’s setup I can adjust the screen up or down and sideways but cannot adjust the screen size, It’s just hard when you need to read something on the screen that is to the far left, some of the letters are cut off. but still this is a good little box for $56.00 CA including shipping

Ahh yes sorry I should have specified that. If your cheap little white remote doesn’t pair to the tv then it looks like a universal remote purchase may be needed. Sorry.

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