ONN Remote Update

I ran into a more of a bothersome than a major problem with my ONN remote. I have an older ONN box that is running Android TV 12. I had two updates for my system. One was for the box, the other update was for the remote. After running the update for the remote, the sound, mute and input buttons no longer work. All the other function keys are fine.

I have tried repairing the remote. Pressing the repair button on the side of the box, unplugging the box and checking prior topics to see if others have experienced a problem with this update.

All is not lost because oddly, the remote from my Vizio TV will control all the functions of the ONN box. But I would still like to know why the ONN remote is not working properly. I have a sneaky suspicion that it may have something more to do with the TV rather than the ONN box.

Has any other ONN box users experienced this problem after running the latest updates?