ONN Remote stopped working

I have really enjoyed using my $20 ONN box but the remote has stopped working. It quit controlling the television and the box. Sometimes repairing it to the box works and sometimes it does not. Is there a fix for this besides trying to get a new remote?

I take it you’ve exhausted the button push on the box?

It is important if the little light on the remote itself works or doesn’t work. I had a remote that shortly after I started using it just died and didn’t even have the light working. If it still works, it may just be a matter of re-connecting, like @Streaming429 mentions.

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Batteries, maybe…? :battery: :battery:

Yes, I used that push button several times since the remote would not take you to settings.

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Replaced batteries with same result. It is just frustrating that sometimes the remote works, many times it does not.

Thaks, I will check the light aspect.

repair push button on onn and hold buttons on remote home and go at same time. Onn will repair the remote.

Well, it was worth a shot. That is the one thing a lot of people don’t think about.

Tbh, the ONN devices are sooo cheap. I would think just getting another one would be more prudent than buying another remote.

Here’s a guide and a link for ONN Support:

ONN Support (onn-support.com)

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