ONN Android TV Box

I have a weird issue with my ONN Android box. I don’t know if anyone has an answer, but maybe someone else has experienced the issue and can lend some sympathy. :slightly_smiling_face: The ONN box is about 3 months old and replaced an older Dynalink box. When I power up the ONN box, within 5 minutes or so it will shut off. To restore power I have to unplug and plug back in. After I do this it works like a champ!

Here’s the weird part. I bought the ONN box because the Dynalink box started doing the same thing. I moved the Dynalink box to another TV and it has worked fine. Can the TV be sending some signal which kills the power to the ONN box?


No the TV won’t do that.

Sounds like that outlet or plug is the issue. The one used for your devices in that spot.


I have 2 onn sticks and 2 onn boxes. I just use them as needed when something else acts up. kinda of an emergency back up. They are cheap in cost and made :grimacing:… Makes great for a day or two till I get the main box back up. I find they tend to overheat alot. The sticks are worse but the box will also. I have seen mostly sound go out with overheating. Un-plug for an hour an sound comes back… okay nuff rant. Your issue sounds like a wire or connection as already stated. I wouldnt make this your goto box…jus’ sayin,


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