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So many of you may have noticed that your OLA TV10 v14 is no longer working. I received a notice two weeks ago that for about a Month Ola would have intermittent service as much needed updates and improvements were being done. Well in his rush to get it done the app developer “Broke” the present useable app. Oops. Rather than go back over the code to see what happened he chose to forge ahead and release a fix. So here goes>
Uninstall the App you have then>
Open downloader and in the URL bar enter
92769 and then “go”
This will be the Dr-Venture web site.
Click the hamburger in the top right.
Click “Apps”
Click “Live Streams”
Scroll down to find the Ola fix apk>
Click on it and go through your usual install. This will install a working OLA TV10.
For those of you with Ludio and KShaw installed your Faves should still work in KShaw. I did find that a couple of customers had to clear the Data in KShaw thus removing their faves and forcing them to reload them.
I do want to make sure that you install the necessary apps in the proper order.
#1 Ludio
#2 KShaw
#3 Ola
Now some people, me included, may find that the install order won’t make any difference, but it seems on some devices it does. So to prevent that I suggest everyone install in that order and there won’t be a problem. Btw I have nothing to do with the developer. I am just a dedicated Ola TV10 user and love the 50,000+ free live TV channels that I can access. Noone really needs that many channels. I access mostly US/Canada/UK channels. From all your local channels to sports to Movies I can find them all in OLA. If you’re a “I only want to click twice to watch anything” type of person, this app isn’t for you. But if you’re the type who likes to learn and discover a potential gold mine of channels with a little effort then you’ll enjoy this. There are ways of reducing or stopping the “source error” warning that so many seem to struggle with and if you PM me then I can certainly walk you through the process. Enjoy.



Good guide on this.

I should check it out. I have gotten lazy lately. Thank you for taking time to write this out.


Oh hey. I’ve been doing a deep dive on the trifecta. Ola, KShaw & Ludio.
So for those trying to eliminate the source error notice I’ve put together a little “start with these settings” message

Open>settings>applications>manage installed applications> and do the following in this exact order>Click on Ola, click on force stop> click on data> click on clear data. Some of the 2020 and 2021 firesticks will require that you do the clear data twice. This is just a glitch and nothing to worry about. Click permissions and allow any permissions requested> now back out of this window and do the exact same for Ludio>back out of Ludio once the steps, like above, have been completed>Now it’s time for the final component KShaw. Here things are different and for a reason. This is where you’re favorites channels from Ola get saved. So here is the starting point. Click on KShaw>click on cache>clear cache>Close out of KShaw and stay tuned for a follow up list of how to load favorites and access them and why you should always use KShaw to accomplish this task.


Some are having problems accessing KShaw. When you open KShaw you are presented with a server screen. Those with paid IPTV may recognize this and know what to do, I don’t, yet, so I click the return arrow on the firestick remote and it closes the server screen and highlights the hamburger, now click the enter button, a screen opens with some options Turn on Show EPG/FAV dialog. Now this is important because this now enables the option to add channels from OLA into our favorites with a simple long click of the enter button. So for example, you have opened OLA and found a server that you have opened, and a channel in your country folder that you would like to access every day. Highlight that channel and hold the remotes big button down until the add to favorite window opens and click on add to favorites. Now once you have loaded your favorites in KShaw you will use it to access your favorites and not have to open OLA until or when you find a new channel to add. This cuts down on buffering and helps to reduce the source error. Unfortunately the app developer for KShaw has yet to code in options like organizing favorites. That’s definitely where Tivimate outshines this app.


Any chance you’ve figured out how to use Tivimate with Ola? That would be nirvana!

Unfortunately no. But you’re absolutely right Ola on Tivimate would be a game changer.

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