Nvidia Shield Pro Set-Up

Hi all,

It’s my birthday today and her indoors has bought me a Nvidia Shield Pro. I’ve been a FS user for about 3 years now.

Is there anything specific I should know about when setting up. It will be connected to my Yamaha 5.1 Surround sound system as well.

Thanks in advance


Enjoy your new Shield! I think you will be amazed at the high-tech features it has, but also how user-friendly it is. Pop back in here if you have any questions or issues with it!


This is the place to start Troy has videos and it has been discussed just recently do a search you will find plenty and if you get stuck with something plenty of people here will help. Good luck and enjoy your new Nvidia shield they’re great :+1::sunglasses:


For now, just plug it in, download Tivimate, install a m3u and relax watching tv.

Let fun be your guiding light and as was mentioned, there are plenty of people here that would be more than happy to help you/

Oh, first thing I would get into Developer Options and enable Debugging!


Thank you. Got Surfshark installed and Kodi as well as Downloader and VPN Dot. Off to bed now as its midnight and tomorrow is another day


Thank you. All done though I couldn’t find play protect via your guide. Googled it and turned it off via the Play Store App. Hopefully its the same thing and was updated via a software update.

Thanks everyone for their help as always. The remote is taking a little bit getting used to, the directional ring is a bit sensitive. I keep pressing the centre button and have found I have move down an option instead. Must be my fat thumbs

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Just wait until you keep hitting the stupid Netflix button if you don’t use Netflix lol. I changed the button function on mine to launch a different app.


I use mine to launch Tivimate.

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Yeah, it is the ONLY one. lol

Oh, and map that Netflix button to your VPN or just disable it using Button Mapper.

Button Mapper: Remap your keys - Apps on Google Play


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Netflix button on Nvidia shield

As discussed above. Use Button Mapper to change the netflix button’s function.