NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Pro Streaming Media Player, why is it rated so highly?

Hi, I currently have the Buzz X5 Android box and to be fair I’ve not had many problems with it, well with the exception that the EPG can take a long time to load up correctly??

I do hasten to add that I have never updated my box since I bought it about a year ago, as I have read too many complaints about things going wrong when people have updated their Buzz X5 Boxes.

So that brings me to my question,lol.

I am looking to buy another Android box and would like it to be able to do the same as my Buzz X5 box, which is, pause/rewind and fast forward. I know that there is an app called the "Cosmi TV Iptv that can do this, but I would prefer something the same as the Bzz X5 box without having to use a separate app that I would have to pay for.

I don’t know if the Nvidia can do this? Also in regards to the Nvidia, it only has a 16Gb hard drive [I know I could probably add an external drive] and it’s only a 3gb memory, whereas the Buzz X5 is a 4gb memory.

So, have any of you lovely people got any thoughts and ideas to point me in the right direction for purchasing another android box please, with the specs that I require?
Many Thanks
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Alll boxes puase rewind and what not. That’s based on the iptv player you use and the program not the box.

The buzz ui is built in. My suggestion do some research then buy anything that floats your budget it will work with your intentions.

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I know you can pause with most boxes, but with any of the boxes I’ve had previously before the Buzz X5, whilst I could pause, I found that after a certain length of time passed[not that long] that whatever program I was watching would suddenly just go back to “live tv”.

Whereas with the Buzz box, it will just continue on from where I paused it and not suddenly jump back to live TV. and I can also fast-forward and rewind as well.

I can pause using Tivimate in my Buzz box and it will let me restart as normal and continue with that option, but Tivimate does NOT let me fast forward or rewind, it only gives me the option of going back to the live tv.

You can apparently only use the “full” pause/fast forward and rewind options if the IPTV player has a “timeshift” option and also you have to allocate somewhere for the “cache” to go, which allows the full use of the aforementioned options.

This is what I do when I’m using the Buzz X5 in-built IPTV player.


Also, can someone tell me what is so good about the Nvidia box please?
I need to know as much as possible before I decide on my next Android box.



Combine the Shield Pro with Tivimate and you have a match made in iptv heaven!


Probably one of the best boxes out there. My Wife uses it in the bedroom. Probably overpowered for her uses but the remote is simple, well built and the “find my remote” option is great when you have kids or in our case, Grandkids. We use a KM2 in living room because of it as well as the Shield Pro are Netflix certified which her and the Grandkids watch. When I’m by myself in the living room, I switch over to our Formuler Z10 Pro Max which I think is a very good box. Not Netflix certified but doesn’t matter as I don’t watch that. Built in MyTVOnline 2 for IPTV. Runs fantastic and they update often. Z11 Pro Max is next


The only way to use the FF/RW features are if your provider supplies “Catchup” channels, or if you record the channel in question.

I just now did a little test using the pause function on my 2019 Nvidia Pro. I started the pause at 8:30 a.m. and ran until 8:40. I picked up from where it paused and played without issue. I then clicked the “Live” icon, and it went the live setting for that broadcast. The FF/RW functions will not work on a paused channel. You either can pick up from where you paused or jump to live. The FF/RW features will only work on Catchup channels or recorded programs.


The only other box similar to x5 in operation is the Formuler (surprised Dracc didnt mention this) and its also expensive… the Z11 has mytvonline3 and is the current “Big Thang” goin’ on


Yeah, I would really like to take a look at that MYTVONLINE thingy! I’ve heard great things about it.


The shield doesnt have an in house iptv player like the x5 or formuler boxes however the shield can also serve as a mini lightweight nas server for plex, emby and that has recording etc within its ecosystem. To be honest all are good boxes. If you want that x5 “feel” , go formuler, if you go shield then tivimate would be my goto player.


I would like to see how the MYTVONLINE stacks up against Tivimate.


I have TiviMate on my Z10 Pro Max and I go back and forth. It’s not as feature packed as TiviMate but I do like how it’s laid out. You can make your own categories as well. I just wish they would incorporate a clock into it like TiviMate. I love that feature


I think it comes down with what you are used to. Once you get so deep into tivimate and become a scholar such as yourself its hard to use something else and feel comfortable. @PapaS is an example…I think he had the formuler 1 day before opting out of mytvonline and vaulting back to tivimate :joy: :scream: :ghost:


I think it’s like it’s been said over and over it’s what you can afford and the features you want. I think the shield is among the best because right from startup to use it is very user friendly. Their support and customer service is next to none and quality is great. They last as long as they are taken care of. All in all my favorite box that I have ever had :v::sunglasses:


FAKE NEWS, it was 2 days🤣


I have 2 Shield Pros. Prior to purchasing the first one I was very skeptical about the upscaling capabilities. Within the first 5 minutes of watching 720 rez content I became a believer. It is VERY good. This one feature alone justifies the price for me. I’ve had them 2-3 years. They’re rock solid.


Sure, I’ll answer that. I have a Shield Pro. Right off the bat I’ll tell you the more advanced your system setup is the more you’ll realize the benefit of having a Shield. When you do a deep dive into all the device settings you’ll be amazed at how much you have control over. For starters, I needed a device that could properly passthrough TrueHD audio. Other devices say they can do Atmos, but most of the time they are limited to DD+, which is not the same as TrueHD master audio. Secondly, the AI upscaling is unparalleled. I can watch something on IPTV that is 1080p and with the upscaling to 4K I can hardly notice a difference compared to streaming the same movie in 4K from Kodi. The user interface on the shield is also very smooth. I have never experienced any hangups, freezing, or slow response time. When switching sources there are no issues with auto adjusting the frame rate. I also like that I can turn on or off Dolby processing. As mentioned, if I’m watching something with TrueHD audio I want it to be passed through with no processing at all. But if I’m watching IPTV and want to go into multi-screen mode, I need to be able to move the cursor over the screen I want the audio from and have it adjust without issues. I may have two or more streams with completely different audio channels. When Dolby processing is turned on it makes everything seemless, and it still will passthrough TrueHD when using Kodi. I could go on and on about the other settings but I won’t. I will say that the hardware is also great though. Plenty of storage space and definitely enough speed. There’s an Ethernet port and two USB ports. You can change whether or not power is supplied to the USB ports when the device is off, allowing you to power other devices or storage if you want. And I’m not much of a gamer anymore, but I paired an old PS3 controller with it and play some throwbacks once in a while.


Wow, Thanks for all the replies, they’re much appreciated and have given me a lot of insights into which boxes I should be looking at
Once again, huge thanks too you all :+1::+1::clap::clap:


Sorry, quick question. Can I add an external storage that can be used for any recording I do and would that work ok?

I would say so. I have recorded to both internal. external and smb storage. Right now im recording to a raid storage device.