NVIDIA just dropped a massive update for the SHEILD TV

Hahahahahaha :rofl::rofl::rofl: My gut was hurting

Thats why I love this place. So much help and so much knowledge can be found with members. Kudos to @TROYPOINT for creating a place where everyone can ask questions and so far not being ridiculed for it. This place is GREAT!

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Nvidia just sent out an update to Android 11 and I am starting to have some issues!

#1. Some apps are appearing in my installed apps that I know I never installed. Ex: Amazon Music. When did nVidia start installing Amazon anything, and I cant even uninstall it!

#2. Mouse Toggle no longer functions properly.

#3. My X-plore is displaying some wonky warning message to get permission to internal storage. Need a TP tutorial on this before I start screwing with t

#4. When I click on See All Apps it briefly displays the disabled apps and then displays my active apps

So any advice on the X-plore issue will be appreciated and if anyone knows of a good replacement for Mouse Toggle that would be great.

Retrospect, shouldnt have allowed the update!

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Might have to look into root options or developer options.

I did the uninstall/reinstall to my Plex Media Server and my whole day has been spent trying to get it to get off the Plex Media Server is starting for the first time, please wait色. If anyone has any experience with this issue, help would be greatly appreciated!


Strange I have none of these issues and only a few changes notices at least on the surface. I updated my apps in the play store individually and did not allow x-plore to update. After up-grade only change to my wolf screen was a settings button was added which I moved to a hidden folder. So far everything looks as it did before with play protect just moved to another location most likely to make it harder to find.

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I just turned on mine and seen the update and came right here to see if anyone is having problems before I update. I usually wait awhile before I update. I had a feeling something like this was coming.I would not update if havent already


I wish I hadnt but it looked like it was going to at 0200 anyway, so I did好ow I have been frustrated with plex media server all day


When the Grandkids and Wife go to bed, Im going to dive into mine a little more

Good luck if find anything out let us know good luck . Hopefully everyone doesnt have auto update on.


Yeah, why on earth would they make a Setting tile? I mean, really, there are a ton of ways to get to your settings without needing to click on a tile!

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I agree and usually do the same. But Noooo! I got impatient and wanted it NOW! lol

I wonder if I should install ES File Explorer. Maybe they didnt have any issues. I dont have that much in X-Plore anyway. I dont really record anything and all the oither apps and stuff would just load up on ES anyway. The only thing I would have to do is make a few folders for backups.

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Will this update keep Wolf Launcher as default launcher for those of us who changed. I know some previous update took whichever launcher I had and switched back to original.

My Wolf stayed intact except it added a settings button that I moved.


So far all is good. The only thing is the addition of the settings app is all. Other than that夙ood on my end


Yeah I got the same message with SafetyDot and it stops working after a while. They need to upgrade it!

Turned Shield Pro on this morning and had to reconnect the SafetyDot

Mouse Toggle no longer functions properly since the new Android 11 drop.

Mouse will install and move but will not all for clicking on anything.

Interesting,just did the update,going to play around a bit with it