NordVPN will now comply with law enforcement data requests

NordVPN will now comply with law enforcement data requests



This is because ace and all them streaming police are after the major players who are uploading this stuff. They want the end users who are recording and upading to servers and creating the torrents.

Nord is also based in Panama and uses a huge cloud server that they can erase at anytime. If law enforcement suspects someone recording and sending this stuff it would probably have a lot of bandwidth traffic.

If you pay for real debrid or use syncler or anything don’t worry about it to much. Just use your vpn.

Also they are after pedophiles who use proxies and vpns within a encrypted network this is why they want vpns to give up data. Its a huge problem. Just my 2 cents before people panic.

You can still stream safely and cut the cord.


“the company will log a user’s VPN activity if there is a court order to do so”

So if there is a court order to log all usage for all users, it will do so?
No way anyone in their right mind would use NordVPN now.



Depending on your country’s laws its not that simple. The effort it takes to go after vpn traffic log and decrypt it is high. A court order to grab someone’s info goes through alot.

Nord is based in Panama If you reside in a different country this will be difficult to do. Privacy laws and extradition laws vary. I mean governments are trying to go after vpns in the continues attack on people’s data and privacy but don’t jump to conclusions. Lots of vpns to choose out there and I bet you will find they all have this little “policy”


Does anyone else have a great VPN for streaming and general browsing? I want to activate it on my desktop computer and leave it on, but it has to be on the quicker side when I click on different sites I don’t want to feel like I’m dealing with dail up. Thanks for your sage advice.

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Try looking there.


Why not put your VPN on your router?


I think someone is trying make you paranoid. That would require a lot of resources to log all activities for all users. Not to mention the performance hit. Since Nord is based in Panama, that makes it even more difficult to enforce. If any law enforcement authority were to get that type of order, then how long would it take to order monitoring of all VPN users no matter which VPN was in use. If anything VPN vendors are making it more difficult to break into and monitor a user. I know of one VPN that now has the option to route through a second IP address. Also there is a company that allows you to use a different IP on your phone instead of the one originally assigned to your phone. Every time you turn off the different IP address and then turn it back on, you get yet another different IP address. Add a Tor browser with multiple bridges to the above and it will take a lot to track your usage. Think about it: 2 IP addresses from a VPN provider, a different IP address every time you use your phone, and a TOR browser with multiple bridges. Let’s not forget the ability to setup a fake email account. Someone must be doing something extremely illegal for law enforcement to track through all that. Typically search warrants have to be specific as to what is being sought in the warrant. That right there would make an all inclusive search warrant practically impossible to get.