Nord vpn connecting to a iptv station

Does anyone else have this problem, I use nord vpn when connected it does not want my pd iptv station to connect when dis connected my iptv connects I have white listed and still can’t get on.

I saw on the site of Troy’s #3 IPTV pick that users were having problems with ISP providers, AT&T, Xfinity and a few others. They had some fix but I didn’t bother reading as my provider was not on the list and my IPTV works fine. So, you might check to see if your IPTV provider is having probs with your ISP and if they have a work around.

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Hi DRGio. I’m using NordVpn never had problem with their connection.

Except when I leave my network no problem with watching IPTV, only when I try to visit torrent sites with google chrome browser, and VPN on doesn’t matter to which national or international servers I connect I get warning from my ISP.

But when changing browser and search with eg duck duck go. I visit the same torrent sites without any problem.

Are you having this problem with in your network, or outside your network.?

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When i disconnect or pause nord & i go back to my iptv provider the station comes right on, than when nord comes back on in 5 min it will disconnect than i have to unplug to reset it sometimes 2 or 3 times i have a buzz 5 box with only 3 programs running. i know i am new to this stuff it gets old.

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It almost sounds like your proivder is blocking your vpn, id msg them. Or find someone els who allows vpns. I strongly believe they are blocking it


Try changing the vpn protocol setting.



Yes it sounds like you’re ISP blocking your NordVpn, there are few things you can do by following the steps.

  1. Download and Install Opera browser and make it your default browser, this is very important, you can also change the standard search from bing to duck duck go.

  2. Uninstall NordVpn, Clear System Cache you can do that from Broom icon :broom:. Restart your device.

  3. Click Opera Browser and navigate to NordVpn website and login to your account.

  • Opera Browser will ask you to save your password accept by clicking yes.
  1. From here your can download NordVpn app depends on your device. Install the app and follow the steps, again if the browser asked again to save your password accept by clicking yes.

  2. Connect NordVpn to any server outside your location eg. if you’re in Brazil then connect to different country.

  3. Open Opera Browser and go to
    You will see on the top of the page the IP address you’re connected to and next to it protected in green color.

  • Note: Also it could be that you will see the IP address and protected before uninstall and reinstall the app.
  • If you don’t see your IP address then you can try some other steps from the link below.
  1. Open Player and try to watch any channels. If everything works fine then you’re done.
  • No need to logout everyday from VPN app or TV player.

It sounds crazy but those steps helps to prevent ISP blockage depends on your country and ISP provider.

Last think if above steps didn’t solve your problem you can consult this manual, those are more technical than the above steps or contact their support. :+1:



Dont think his isp is blocking his vpn, his iptv provider is blocking his vpn.


Contant your iptv provider. Isp are not llegaly allowed to block your isp. At least thats how its suppose to be.


I thought so too first sight, but I just waiting for he’s respond.:pray:


These are my findings with three possible causes and solutions, and these are not equal and unequal to other solutions.

According to DRGio short description provided. NordVpn can’t connect to IPTV Player " let’s called player instead of service", when disconnecting from VPN user will granted access to the player.

DRGio used only 3 apps “but we know that there’s more system apps”. No information provided yet if he’s using other apps with VPN.

Follow the information I have received from DRGio I came to this conclusion.

  1. Player Blocking NordVpn.
  • First insight was that the player blocks NordVpn: Without a VPN the player will be activated.With VPN on the player is not activated.
    Advice to contact the player support.
  1. ISP provider blocking NordVpn.
  • To find out if the ISP is blocking VPN, GRGio must follow the steps, and provide information about he’s result’s, but still no information received to find out if he’s VPN being blocked by ISP.
  1. NordVPN is blocking Player Service.
  • This is my own conclusion. NordVpn can limited access to certain service when Terms and Conditions have being violated.
    Advice to contact NordVpn Support.

The latter is my own conclusion. NordVpn has the right to prohibit access to the service or part of it for violating the company’s terms and conditions. Here is partial to the conditions scroll down to.

  1. Prohibited and restricted uses.

We reserve the right to refuse service, suspend accounts or limit access to the Services in our sole discretion. Such suspension or access limitation may be implemented by Nord instantly and without any indication, notice or refund.

We may suspend your account for clarification, investigation or request you to explain your actions and provide additional information.

If your account has been suspended, you must contact us for further information. We may suspend your user account for a reasonable period of time before we terminate a user account permanently.

We use automated tools to identify web scraping and minimize the service abuse. These tools are looking for irregular patterns when new sessions are initiated and if such patterns are noticed, it might automatically suspend your account or otherwise limit your access to the Services until further investigation is complete.

You access and use the Services in your country on your own initiative, and you solely are responsible for complying with your local laws and regulations if and to the extent such laws are applicable. We reserve the right to limit, in our sole discretion, the availability of the Services or any portion thereof, to any person, entity, geographic area, or jurisdiction, at any time.

You are disallowed to connect and use the Services if you are a minor, a competitor of our business, if you have been or are prohibited to access the Services, or if your account has been suspended or closed due to any reason.

We encourage you to let us know about the violation of these Terms by any of Nord users; in case of such violations, we may take appropriate action at our sole discretion.

Read more about.


Im absolutely postive its not nord blocking his iptv its the ofher way around. Lets just see what his provider says frist.

Using nord without any issues with any iptv… if this where true everyone would be screwed using nord and iptv

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I agree and of course I also want to wait and see what he will do. I’m still waiting for answer from option 2.

My conclusion from option 3 if options 1 and 2 are not the case. In any case, from the beginning I indicated that I agree with you that option 1 the right solution is. :confused:

If you want to close this topic you decide that, and give it solution option 1.:blush:

But I’m also very curious about his next post. The next step is waiting :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Thanks Dracoo for being patient :pray:


All good, i get you are giving options. I just met lets try to see what the OP says. im not going to close till we hear back, keep in mind topics do have a 7 day limit.


Thanks Dracoo. :pray::dove::joy:

I emailed them they claim no i am using it on my buzz 5 box through tivimate i whitelisted all apps on noed still cant figure it out


DRGio Hi. I’ve asked you few times questions in my earlier posts, about eg. your network, Opera Browser and so on, but you didn’t reply to any.

Consider this my last question, and I will ask you ones more. Why are you using White Listing Apps if you are using NordVpn?.

  • This will create a conflict with your player.

Or you’re using NordVpn Split Tunneling to allow apps to access the internet.

  • This will also denies access from your player.

Or are you using a separate app for it, or trough something else to white listing the apps.

I’m asking this because apps whitelisting is a cybersecurity practice that entails creating a directory of software applications that are approved to run on your network/organization’s network whatever.

As opposed to how blacklisting only blocks a predetermined tally of apps, whitelisting is a more proactive approach to system protection. Its purpose is to prevent harmful files from executing themselves on your devices.

In this case you’re allowing apps to access the internet, on other side access will be denied from player, because most players " services" required VPN to access.

To solve this problem.

  1. Remove apps from White Listing
  2. Remove apps from NordVpn Split Tunneling if any.
  3. Restart your device.
  4. Connect to NordVpn Server “any”.
  5. Connect to your Player.

After doing this we will be glad to hear from you. Because solutions are also important for other users wen having similar issue. :+1:

when i had no apps whitelisted i would never get my stations to come up as soon i whitelist it the stations come up i am not sure if it is tivimate app that is causing it or not since i have the pd version of tivimate

I did exactly what you said and when i open nord it connected to a server than open tivimate and it just would not connect went back in to nord whitelisted tivimate rebooted turn on nord went to tivimate pic come right up

I have Proton and TiViMate premium and have no issues playing any active channels.

I do not know what the problem is

I don’t use Nord but do know it was rated as one of the best. I personally would go onto apps>manage installed apps, and click on Nord>force stop> clear data. Now this will remove any changes you made to settings in the app and also remove your credentials. Now when you open Nord you will have to log in again. Do not modify any settings but try it as it is. Then see if your issue remains. If it does I would contact customer service and see if they can help.