Nord vpn connecting to a iptv station


I think you should contact NordVpn support and explain the situations to them.

One other thing you didn’t answer to me. Connect NordVpn to any server then go to on top of the screen you should see your IP address next to it protected or unprotected.

Lol. Went to that link @Matrix and it gives me an IP address but says “unprotected” lol, as if. Good advertising ploy though.

Your IP: 172.93.132. · ISP: Unknown · Your Status: Protected


Hi Miki this link works only NordVpn.
If NordVpn user connect to a server and visited the link it will show you that you’re protected.

In this case you’re ProtoVPN it will show unprotected. Haha :rofl::rofl::rofl:

lol. I got that. It’s why I said it’s a good advertising ploy, as anyone not using Nord will show “unprotected”. :crazy_face: :computer:


For you because you added NordVpn to white listing and it will not show your ISP. But it says you’re protected.

For you is the conflict between Tivimate and NordVpn because both apps are also white listing.

The best thing to do contact NordVpn support but don’t contact your ISP about this due to connection with IPTV Paid Service.

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I really think you should just try different iptv. Nord works well with alot of stuff. I really think this is just their servers.

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I gree with you. But I think the issue here is the White Listing because @DRGio still didn’t follow the correct steps mentioned in whitelisting to try to find out what the real couse is.

Hou do I know that. After following the steps regarding the white listing. He visited the results are: Your IP: 172.93.132. · ISP: Unknown · Your Status: Protected

The correct results should be:
Your IP: 172.93.132. Your Status: Protected

Note: you can see the correct results if you’re using NordVpn connection

But. You’re seeing ISP: Unknown because he didn’t remove everything from White Listing.

DRGio using multiple devices in a network same apps are using in those devices. This includes NordVpn, Tivimate.

It could be that he white listing those apps in through router or modem or other connection device witch cosing the problem.

Because he didn’t follow the correct steps, and he insisted so. The best advice is to contact NordVpn Support.

If Support find out that the cause was due to option 3. Then he must follow support advice.

If not the case support will ask him to provide the log file from NordVpn that he can send directly to support.

I hope this is clear and understandable.:+1:

That IP Address is missing an octet. There should be 4 sets of numbers


You shouldn’t have to whitelist tivimate… nord works with tivimate. I understand what you are doing and how you are helping but i strongly feel this wont help. By turning off vpn and iptv working probably blocked by the provider.

I digress, i been worng before


That’s correct it should be 4. But I’ve copied this from DRGio post and pasted here just for example, maybe he pasted and not to show the complete IP address due to security reasons.
But yes it should be 4 :rofl::rofl::rofl::+1::+1::+1:

Maybe, but if he’s only sending 3 if the 4 octet then that will return an “unknown” warning. Just a thought.


Ho what’s happening here, are you pointing to me that Tivimate shouldn’t be whitelisting, did you read somewhere that I mentioned that Tivimate should be in whitelisting.

Please explain to me, because I don’t mentioned that those apps should be in whitelisting.

Perhaps. This post ment for someone else. ??

Easy misunderstanding @Matrix as I thought that’s what you meant as well. The following quote from your post kinda pointed in that direction

"because he didn’t remove everything from White Listing.

DRGio using multiple devices in a network same apps are using in those devices. This includes NordVpn, Tivimate."



This is just security reasons by not copying the complete IP address, because he white listing something IP address will not be showing completed. If he entered not completely the IP address he will receive earlier errors that IP address should be complicated when filling the IP address fields.
Anyway this is not the point we both anderstand it :blush::blush::blush::+1:

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Absolutely :hugs: you’re right.:cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::+1:

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Ahhh got ya. I understand. tx

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