None debrid with kodi

Does anyone know any good addons for kodi which doesn’t require debrid please



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Diggz Xenon has a free Build and a RD version. There are other builds in the chef wizard as well but not sure if they offer free stuff.

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I set up an Onn box for someone with that Diggz Free build and was surprised at how well it worked. You don’t get all the 4K scrapes like you do with an RD account, but it’s pretty damn good. I didn’t experience any buffering on the samples that I tried either.
Make sure that you use a VPN because most of the free stuff is torrents.

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Thanx guys I’ll try a few of these

I use Scrubs V2 addon . I do not use real debrid .

Scrubsv2, Asgard, Halcyon, these are non debrid.