How to Install Elementum Kodi Addon (May 2024 New Update)

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The following tutorial will show you How to Install and use Elementum Kodi Addon on Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV/Google TV devices, and more. We provide both a screenshot guide as well as a video guide for this addon with some important details covered in the video tutorial that you do not want to miss.…


Tried to install the latest version of Elementum through Downloader but received the following error:
webpage at could not be loaded because - net:ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED and the general message “Webpage not available.” Anyone know what’s going on? Thanks.

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It loaded in three boxes no issues. Now getting a 404 error?
Followed Troy step by step. Just not pulling it up.

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Hi Miki - thanks for the tip. Tries using the IP address in several different areas but keep coming up with the same error. I am using BuzzTV XRS4900 Android Ver. 9 so maybe that is the problem somehow since you can do it on your tablet.

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Just tried to load Elementum again and everything installed properly this time. I guess some links, etc. were renewed/corrected.


Using Nvidia shield,won’t download Elementum file thru Troypoint downloader code-says error.So type in address in browser and downloaded it,but then in Kodi when going to file manager,browse, external storage -it won’t show up.

Then,using ONN box,it downloaded with code,but still it won’t show up in Kodi, going to file manager,browse, external storage,downloader file.

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Try going to Kodi settings in your device (not inside kodi itself) and go to “permissions” then Files and media and select “allow all the time”.

You should be able to find after that.

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Seem to be getting constant buffering and wondering if others are experiencing this annoying issue. Thanks in advance for any suggestions as I have uninstalled and reinstalled and no help…

Thank you

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I dont use Elementum so i cant speak from experience. But being that you are not using a debrid service with that addon you may not be getting the best available links.

Maybe someone that uses it can give you options for better viewing results.

I was unable to get the code to even download the file into my downloader on my Shield Pro. Spent 2 hours trying everything from github to gaia and no luck. So onto something else tomorrow.

@Miki are you sure you are in the right post? Lol

You dont use Kodi.



I warned @MarkxG and @Jayhawks659 I was going to start again. But already I’m coming up against roadblocks. i can get the elementum zip on my Tablet, but even using my interal server and net, I cannot get Kodi 21 to recognize the zip. It’s there, but Kodi refuses to see it and the downloader on my shield refuses to download it. So going to delete everything tomorrow, until I can figure out why it won’t download with downloader from Troy’s toolbox or code on my shield.

You have to use a wizard from a repo to restore a zip file unless it was actually backed up using the backup and restore addon from the official Kodi repo. I use the crew repo still to do backups and restores. The crew wizard is in the programs add-ons.

Did you try this from my earlier post?

Try going to Kodi settings in your device (not inside kodi itself) and go to “permissions” then Files and media and select “allow all the time”.

You should be able to find after that.

This is a fresh install of kodi 21 and an attempt to download the Elementum addon from Troy’s instructions using Downloader code 444801. I haven’t had or used Kodi in years.@JPM69 oh ya all permissions are set.
Apparently a good nights sleep helped. I turned off my VPN and was able to get the Elementum zip. Going to be a fun day. Wooooo hoooooo

@Miki the beauty of KODI is there are many great working Addons. I don’t use nor have ever used Elementum so can’t comment on that. I encourage you to set up Umbrella with Cocoscrapers (Lightning Fast). Homelander and The Crew are also working good. If you want a Build I suggest one of the Grindhouse Builds. Let me know if you need links to anything. Luv to see you giving KODI a Go again

I have Elementum installed and working. Just getting my feet wet and finding my way around again. My goal is to end up with a full Grindhouse setup @MarkxG but need to refresh the old memories of Kodi and find the new stuff. Lots to do and learn. For example my searching for movies brings up a ton of foreign results and I am looking where I can refine that search for English only. Found it. :laughing: Got to setup maintenance wizard and change various settings like buffer size. As always I appreciate your suggestions and will definately follow your guidance.

Damn you are on it :grin:…I’ve never messed with Buffer size and rarely search for Movies/Shows within KODI. I add anything that might look interesting to my Trakt collection and also use Reelgood to let me know what new shows/movies are released on a daily basis. Everything gets entered in Trakt via chrome browser on my PC and is immediately available on KODI

I also use this site for Netflix content