No Stream Available (again)

I’m using Kodi 19.1 on Nvidia Shield tube with Venom and The Crew. I bought 6 more months of Real Debrid yesterday and re-authorized it today. Still getting No Stream Available. Can’t seem to find the Kodi log in this version Anybody have any ideas? Thank you so much!

Hi @FutureMagic
Sorry you’re having trouble.
Follow this tutorial without missing a step or miss spelling

For Venom, here is the tutorial:

Come back here and let us know how it went.

I have the same problem with Venom. It works great for awhile and then out of the blue, “no stream available”. I just uninstalled it and use Oath, Marauder, and The Crew without any problems at all.

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Are you suggesting I uninstall Venom and The Crew and reinstall them? I installed them using the tutorials above.

I’m having this problem with The Crew as well. Until now I’ve never had a problem with Venom.

Hi @FutureMagic
Yes. I apologize for not being clear.
Reinstall ensuring no miss steps or miss spelling.
BTW, what version of Kodi have you installed? Also the device you are using?

I’m using Kodi 19.1 on a Nvidia Shield tube. No Kodi builds

Gotcha. So the add-ons are installed correctly, but still no streams.
Ok, I did some quick research for a bit. Seems the Shield tube does have its own set of issues with streams, playback, etc. It could be this issue here. The device seems to have issues finding and playing streams, especially in 4k. The device can’t handle it. So, maybe try uninstalling all the add-ons but say one of them, then go into the add-on settings and limit the size of streams it can scrape to 720p or 1080p, using real-debrid of course, and see if that helps your issue.


Did you re authorize it to every single add on?

I have zero issues with all those services including stremio and syncler.

What version of kodi are you using, also are you getting errors? Other than no stream.

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I authorized Kodi in general. That usually works. I’m using 19.1, no other errors

Huh. I’ve had my Shields for two years with never an issue. I’m on several forums where the participants use Shield tubes and in two years no one has ever posted anything about their Shields having streaming issues. Where did you find this information?

I find that a soft ‘restart’ on my shield obviates this problem. At least temporarily.

I’ve restarted the shield and my network several times. I’m kind of at my wit’s end at this point.
My network is working fine.


I’m not sure what els to tell you. You could uninstall and put on kodi 19.3 then crew seren real debrid on both

And try that. I’m using rd with everything on a lesser system without problems.

Try going to 19.3

Ditto… EXACT same thing here. I’m stumped


Venom I find has been rocky.

I’d suggest crew and seren over venom.

This is not the first time Venom has acted up in this manner for me. I will stick with Oath, Marauder, and The Crew. I have never had a problem with those addons. Like TP-Dracoo stated, Venom is pretty rocky.

Well, you guys are the best. I will be spending the day uninstalling and reinstalling stuff :slight_smile:

Having the same problem just downloaded grind house build. I use two prior builds and I’m always having the same problem no streams available when I try watching a show, any suggestions

Hi @Scotina58
So after the recent update of Kodi and Kodi builds being such a resource hog along with not a lot of the builds being compatible with Kodi, a lot of people on this forum are having this same issue.
Suggest uninstalling and deleting your build, then installing individual add-ons along with using real-debrid to get the stream experience you are looking for.