NewPipe. Issues come and go

Anyone else use this app? I’ve had it on my phone for a long time and kinda surprised it isn’t talked about much. I use it to create playlists from YouTube and play music with the screen off. Also can be used as a downloader. Shout out to @TP-Brett for the OG post. I don’t know how everyone missed it.


Newpipe stopped working today. I tried all the troubleshooting fixes and none worked. Any other users having problems with videos not playing? Any news on a fix?

I perfer to use NewPipe on my phone. It doesn’t require sign in to save playlists and subscriptions.

Mslea, I tried to use it while SmartTube was down. I couldn’t get it to play anything that I selected. I did check the settings but there didn’t find anything there. And now since STube is back up there is not a need for me at this time. But I would like to find out why it wouldn’t work in case of a future issue with STube.

It’s happened several times before. Usually after a few days a new update will come out that fixes it. Just have to wait and see.

I’m hoping it will get an update with a fix.

From their GitHub page:

Unfortunately, this client has now several integrity checks very hard or almost impossible to implement as a third-party client that we used to workaround before. The workaround shipped until 0.26.1 has been disabled by YouTube (the same one used previously by reVanced for non-root users), and the one shipped in this release is being disabled (A/B test or rollout).

These streams should become completely unavailable in the future and may be fully or partially restored in a future NewPipe update.



Thank you for the update. I hate to hear that NewPipe might go away. I don’t like to use SmartTube on my phone.

So, I did an update to newpipe this morning and Its back up and running. You must go to website: for version 0.27.1. No need to uninstall it will update version you are using. If you have the latest version download again without uninstalling current version it will still update.

I’m jumping for joy. Love newpipe no sign in required to save.

Happy streaming

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Thanks for the update, glad it’s back!

Yup. Like I said, it happens once in a while. However, when you open the app it should notify you that there’s an update available. If it doesn’t, go to the settings page in the app and then to updates and make sure the toggle is on.

The app never showed the update. I just went to website and tried to dowload again. It asked if I wanted to update and I said yes.

There are still some glitches. Some videos are stopping in the middle of streaming.

Well guess we can’t have it all. Hoping there will be another update to get us back to seamless streaming.

Yep, had the notification.