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Hi I have been trying to understand all this for months and still I just don’t get it I am trying to watch the fight tonight and I have cable and I also have the firestick with Kodi but I can’t seem to find how to watch this thing without having to pay the ungodly price. Can anyone offer me some step by step guidance please? Thank you and sorry Jennifer

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Welcome to our community!

Follow this guide: Install guide.

Then look into the crew addon install which also has a guide.

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Hey Jen & welcome…

Yur probly gonna need “The Crew” add-on for Kodi … or look into getting an iptv service ($10) for a mnth & watch that way & enjoy for the rest of mnth…

If you choose an iptv service, youll be hooked & probly wont go back to Kodi (more like cable)

The Crew is pretty self explanatory …Sports- pick your sport youll probly find some links

TP how to…

Hi, I would suggest the same & start by installing The Crew addon for Kodi & also look into getting a cheap IPTV service, there’s a section in here somewhere suggesting which services are good. Good luck.

Thank you all I am going to start over lol

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Hi again, to be honest & make life much easier you could skip Kodi for now & just get a IPTV service & use Tivimate app.



Iptv vs kodi vs straming options will always be debatable.

Pick what suits you best and what you feel you need or is easy for you.

Iptv is a great option, fantastic.

Vod setups with kodi and real debrid are amazing and I prefer them, but it’s a preference and I hope you figure this out and see what you like. Try it all.

Plenty of guides and help here.

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Absolutely install The Crew and Mad Titan. Deja Vu isn’t bad either for live sports and PPV’s. I’d say go with those but also try an IPTV. Install the add-ons as, depending on which IPTV you choose, it could be several hours, or minutes, before your email comes in with the set-up info. Also, if a service buffers you have back up options as well…

Give me a few minutes and I’ll find a free source for you using the Silk browser.
I guess I should ask. I’m not a fight fanatic.
What am I looking for?
I have UFC Dern v Rodriguez and
BKFC Joe “Diesel” Riggs v Melvin " The Young Assasin " Guillard

Then click the UFC/MMA on the top banner and stream links will open. Now after prelims it goes to the main event feed.

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Y’all are awesome Thank you all so much for all this information.


You are most welcome. Alot of people here with experience and knowledge.

Hope you get it worked out.

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