New tv with 4k help please

Hello everyone,

I am not very tech savvy so I am hoping you all can help me with a step by step on how to make 4k movies work with my new 4k movie. I use “the crew” is this a good app for 4k or do you all suggest another.? I’ve also always seen how 4k is an option with the movies but from what I’ve read even with a 4k tv it won’t be as simple as that. From what I see I need to do something with the settings is that correct? If so can someone please help me.

This is Very Easy. Just about All the KODI Addons will deliver 4K sources but you need to have a Real Debrid subscription. If a Movie or Show has 4K Streams they will typically be at the top of the list of the streams that are delivered. The Addons I use are The Crew, Umbrella, and Homelander

Thanks Mark, I do indeed have Real Debrid and I always seen the 4k movies at the top but like I said I always had read you had to do something in the settings or something in xml or something. Is that not the case? Will it just work by clicking on it?

What device are you using? Or are you using the apps directly from the TV operating system?

One recommendation on streaming the 4k files, don’t automatically pick the largest sized files in any add-on you use. Go with middle to lower sized 4k streams, they should be smoother but yet still have the great quality picture.


Yup you should be good to go. Nothing on the TV or in KODI needs to be done to receive 4K. You have an active RD sub - Let it Rip!

Stremio probably has more 4k streams that lower res ones now.

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Well… I tried to play 4k movie and did the smallest file size like suggested but it lagged right away and then shut down Kodi within one minute or so. I am using a Firestick (could that be it?) I have a quick internet speed so I don’t think that would be the issue.

Streaming 4k is a resource hog. By that I mean extra cpu/processing power, extra memory from the stick, faster internet speed required, etc. In my opinion, even though they are marketed as 4k, the Firestick is not the most ideal device to stream 4k content. If it is crashing, I am guessing it doesnt have enough memory to run Kodi and 4k streams at the same time. Do you use any standalone apks to stream that isnt Kodi? I am curious how it reacts outside of a Kodi add-on.

No I don’t unfortunately to be able to know.

How does an Nvidia Shield do with Kodi and 4k tv? I been considering purchasing one.

Just fine. Love the 4K.

What Firestick do you have? That could be the issue.

You can’t go wrong with either Nvidia device but for about $50 you can get a Onn Pro. And if you look around TP there are lots of satified customers.

I have an Nvidia Shield Pro and and Onn Pro. Both are working great with kodi and 4k. Yes overall Nvidia is better but the price point for the Onn is great.

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Why is NVidia Better? I have a 4K ONN Pro and find it hard to believe the Nvidia picture is better especailly on 4K Streams. I am not buying the “Upscaling crap” that is littered in these threads…Prove it to me!

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The shield upscales all non 4k to 4k using its ai enhanced setting, you can select different modes. I have a shield but i mainly use my firecube 3 which is a lot cheaper than the shield when on sale.

If you are just gonna be streaming i would go for the firecube 3.

The upscaling on the shield is good but i find it can be too sharp on the highest setting.
I cant see native 4k content on the shield to be better than on another device as there is no upscaling involved it is just passing the 4k to the tv.

Yup been using 2 six year old T95Z Plus boxes and more recently the Onn 4K and 4K Pro and can’t imagine getting better and crisper pictures on 4K Streams that the ONN delievers yet I constantly see these Shield “Upscaling” posts and just laugh.

Well in all honesty I have the same response when I see these overblown comments on the ONNs. But these sorts of back and forths are pretty lame. Very high schoolish. As long as you’re happy with what you have that’s all that matters. After all the device is just a small piece of the overall experience. So I’m glad you are happy with what you have as I am with what I have, but I’m not going to start a back and forth with anyone on these sorts of discussions as it doesn’t help anyone. Lets just have fun and stream on.


@Miki I’ve seen more posts from people that have a Shield and an ONN and say the ONN picture is better. I’m just looking for Proof on why the Shield is superior and let’s leave gaming out of this. Streaming Only. I’m not buying it

Upscaling isn’t even relevant in this thread, as streaming 4k content to a 4k TV eliminates the need. Also, the question was never about the quality of the 4k picture, it was handling the load that it creates within the device.

To actually answer the OP’s question:

“How does an Nvidia Shield do with Kodi and 4k tv? I been considering purchasing one”

Based on its top-of-the-line hardware, you won’t find a device out there that handles this combination better. However, other devices like the Cube, Onn Pro, Formuler, Buzz boxes, etc etc are still going to handle it much better than a firestick. There’s a lot of research within Troypoint on all of these devices (and out on the 'net), but let us know where we can help answer any other questions so that you make the best decision for yourself if you decide to upgrade from Firestick.

As I said @MarkxG I don’t want to even attempt to explain why I disagree. It doesn’t matter as noone will change your mindset. I only stream and I’m happy with my setup and that’s all that matters. Same for you. Afterall I’m not about to pack up my entire home theatre setup and fly down to wherever you are to show why I feel you’re wrong. That’s just silly. As I said I’m really pleased that it works for you and I hope you’re pleased that my setup works for me. What else matters? Ppl will always boast that there stuff is better than other peoples, it’s human nature.

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