New tv with 4k help please

Sorry but not buying this. Where is the proof? Prove to me that a 4K stream on Shield is better than ONN 4K Pro. This is all I see tons of statements but where is the Proof? Not trying to give you a hard time just blown away about all the “The Shield is better” It costs more but that does not make it better.

The hardware is better in a Shield…not my opinion, absolute fact. I don’t have time right now to compare the specs, but you can go out there and do some research. My statement also holds true that while other devices may handle it as well, nothing handles it any better than a Shield (again, talking device load, NOT 4k picture quality). You are trying so hard to prove us wrong that it is clouding your interpretation of my answers. Please stick to helping the OP. I said the Onn Pro is a great device that will handle what he is throwing at it…I have both the Shield and Onn Pro and like both a lot.


I know this had already been replied to but since it was addressed to me…

Overall the Nvidia Shield Tv Pro is better and that includes gaming and AI upscaling included. I dont use it for gaming but it is a superior device when you include them.

If you want to exclude the things that make it better than the onn pro you arent asking a fair question.

I have 1 nvidia and 2 onn pros. So obviously i love the onn pro for what it does and what i need it to do. Had the onn pro been available when i was upgrading from my first FS i probably would have 3 Onn Pros.


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Also it depends what you can afford

Absolutely and thats why I said the price point for the Onn Pro is great.

And I also said later, had the Onn Pro been available i would have bought that instead of the Nvidia Shield Tv Pro. And i’d have 3 Onn Pros instead of just 2.

But overall Nvidia is still the better device even at 5 years old. I just dont use its full potential. I bought it knowing that but paid the premium price for a premium product.

I prefer to use the KIT addon with real Debrid subscription. Great links for movies and TV shows.

Just tring to help. There are so many parameters involve sometimes. First when the movie starts playing pause it. This will give it time to load a bit. Check your internet speed with Analiti speed test. Also you could go in your router and set your fire stick to priority. Also make sure you’re like my setup using ethernet cables cat6 Mediabridge on Amazon is a good brand. Also when you’re playing 4K movies with high bandwidth they could use up all your data with your ISP. I’m with Cox they give me 1280 GB a month they’ll notify me when I reach close to that limit on their website they show their data that I’ve used daily. I have the Fire stick Max 2nd gen it works fine with everything picked it up for $34.99 at Amazon about a year ago. I get about 360mbps download on test and 100 mbps with IPvanish on. My speed with the ISP is 500 mbps. I’ve spent 40 plus years with electronics and I’m still learning things. One thing I’ve never seen people talk about that I think is great I purchased a power backup system UPS from cyberpower they’re 1500 model I purchased an older one and put in lithium ion backup batteries so I don’t have to change them but every 10 years but let acid batteries go every two years but I’ve had power surges happen and see my unit redirect the power I’ve lost power and didn’t even see my TV flicker I could run for about 2 hours with my router modem and TV and sound bar hook to that everything I have goes through that backup power. Just don’t add a search protector to that as an extension just regular power extensions will work fine. That’s if you’re interested in it. I lost a washing machine once with a surge and overtime it will ruin your electronics. So cheap surge protectors work I wouldn’t trust Belkin their selling old technology. I recently had that cyberpower go bad just with the coaxial in and out going to my modem it brought me down to 30mbps so I bypass it but cyberpower says that you can put anything through it it could handle it it did for some years. But Cox I believe they have a ground to their cable outside so any surges on the line will be redirected to that ground. The only thing I don’t like about 4K TVs which I have a OLED is if you’re playing for example 4K HDR like Jack Ryan on Amazon I believe it’s Dolby vision to your settings in your TV are different than your regular TV watching settings and you have to go in there and do all the adjustments for that HDMI input for HDR. And so forth on other HDMI inputs that drives me nuts but once you get it all done you’re good to go. That’s why you see a lot of reviews on 4K movies that people purchased and saying they’re so dark because from the first time they were playing it whether it was HDR Dolby vision they’re settings weren’t changed ever for brightness etc. Hope I’ve helped feel free to respond if you need anymore. Take care.