New Movie/TV apk? Cinema not working well

Also have Real-Debrid====


Using cinema hd you get this grey screen? And it locks?

    1. Clear app data
    1. Make sure you clear and clean up space
    1. Update to a newer version if available
    1. Force stop the app and reload.

TeaTV works well for me after newest update.

only time this happens to me is if I haven’t cleared the cache for awhile.

The problem I’ve had for a while with Cinema is that when I do a search for a title it asks me for a password. I don’t remember ever setting up a password and if I did, there’s no place to reset it. If I now want to find a certain show, I have to filter on the year and scroll thru the hundreds of pages of shows and hope I didn’t miss it. Anyone have any tips? It happens on both of our firesticks. I’m sure when I first installed the app I was able to search. I don’t want to delete and re-add as I have alot of favorites already saved. I’d hate to have to reload all of them again.


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That’s a strange issue. Unfortunately I’d recommend reinstalling to latest version.

Unless someone els has a suggestion. That’s never happened to me before. Maybe check through your settings and turn off any codes or passwords.

I watch tea tv. It’s usually pretty good.

I cleared data =what is clear and clean space? Using version 2.4.0==force stopped and launched.
same issue, annoying ad when trying to exit after program finishes, after attempting to rid ad I get a locked grey screen. Did I miss something our am I doing something wrong. Even un8nstalled and reinstalled. I really liked cinema but this is bull


Get the modded cinema apk add free version.

Grey screen lock, are you on a firestick? That can happen with out of synced apps with Amazon.
I’m wondering if Amazon is trying to block out non Amazon apps.

There is fixes for this on Google.