New Movie/TV apk? Cinema not working well

Cinema not returning links or only links that don’t work. Haven’t had this issue before and have watched weekly episodes.

Anybody know an app that is working well?


I just had an issue with the sound not working when trying to watch shows. Had to switch to VLC player. I havent encountered any other issues.

I noticed the same. Went from 2.35 to 2.4.
New version not returning many if any links.
I’m using MX Player Pro and Nord.
I did notice if kill Nord I get plenty of links.
Buuuutt… Since that isn’t the smartest move, I wouldn’t recommend.
I did notice there seems to be some bogus “official” versions of there with really bad spelling in the app, etc. Maybe check your source?
BeeTv is a alt, few others but Cinema is usually the best.

The links have decreased and don’t work!!! Very frustrating. Have had to use other sources with ads🙁

Get Real-Debrid… it’s less than $6 a month and worth every penny.

Using it, I haven’t experienced and trouble with Cinema APK.

I did have to uninstall and reinstall when 2.4 came out, but that’s nothing :smirk:


Hi I’m using Freeflix and it’s working fine, Bee is Another one you could try

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I was having problems with Cinema about 6 months ago but all is well after finally seubscribing to real debrid. Tried 3 months and had problems again. Renewed. Good again. It is not expensive either and easy to set up.


works great with all-debrid

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I watch Ted lasso last night with real debrid and it found many streams. I got the wrong episode with one of the streams but found another link that was the correct one. This was on cinema. Real debrid for 90 days was just over $10. It makes a huge difference. It is worth it.


I’m on real debrid and experiencing the same with regards to not many links. It’s very intermittent and extremely annoying.


Used it yesterday with RealDebrid and had no issue and plenty of links including 4K.


Greetings, you might want to get premium servers like real-debrid costs a little but well worth it
The free servers are limited

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Greetings, for another 8 or so dollars you can have real-debrid for six months and credits for a free month

I’m having similar problems with Cinema, click on a link for one movie and another plays, try another link and yet another movie

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Real Debrid premium servers well worth the money the free servers are very limited so I pay 18 dollars or so for six months and a credit for a free month


Try using syncler plus with real debrid.

Works super well and no issues. Takes a bit to get going but worth it.

As for cinemahd I use it with my rd account and haven’t ran into to many issues. Try making sure it’s updated

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She’s right folks. I have real debrid and definitely helps with Cinema HD

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I’m not sure if anyone is having this problem. But ill be using cinema HD and after about 2 hours of using it. It kicks me out to the main screen. Also when I go to load a movie or show it will do the same. Not sure why. I have deleted cinema HD and then reloaded the latest version from troypoint to no avail. Same problem still exists. I run real debrid and have surfshark VPN. If anyone can help please post ill check back in a day or two. Thanks


I have found that using RealDebrid and Trakt tv in the Cinema APK works very well.


Sometimes when I don’t get links fast, I just click back button on firestick and re-click the episode and it fixes that.

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