New Fire TV Jailbreak?

I just purchased a new Fire TV during Prime Days for our family room. Can this new tv be jailbreaked does anyone know?

Just turn on install from unkown sources, boom jailbreaked.

All fire os have this option. But with tvs you will struggle with storage.

Thanks for your quick response. Since we are finishing the space for our new family room, I haven’t opened the box on the new tv. I wasn’t aware that the OS and all it’s features mimic the Firestick which have successfully jailbreaked a few times foe various models.

I’m assuming I can add storage in a similar fashion to the Firestick by using an external USB drive, correct?

The web os is basically the same as firetv on the stick, you are using the tvs resources. From what i understand you can use a usb to increase the storage from other members have mentioned on here on a firetv.

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Thanks again for your insight. Happy watching!

Hello @alleacat the video and screenshot tutorial at the following link should get you on your way.

BTW, thanks for being a Patron! Much appreciated.


I just recently purchased on prime day a fire TV and I am going to the jailbreak a fire stick. This fire TV does not have in settings the “my fire TV”. Nor does it have developer options. What do I do? Thank you

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Please review this for all firestick issues and guides, if the following hasn’t worked feel free to ask.

This should resolve most to all issues.

Please use our search. Its in this guide.

What make and model is your TV? You need to see if you can find “build” in your settings and click that 7 times.

It just says fire TV. On the back of the TV it shows 55 inch NF and a model number.

Not is there a “build”

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I have 3 Firesticks but my 1st Fire TV and the setting screen is different than the firesticks. I followed the jailbreak guide and decided to skip the developer options because it’s not there. I tried to download the Troypoint and it stopped me.

So you bought a TV and don’t know what make or model it is? Ok give me your model number at least. I need something to search for.

just for safety id blot out that mac addy

Purchased a Fire TV on Prime Day. Tried to jailbreak it, no Icon for my Fire TV and no developer option. What do I do now?


Thanks, didn’t think about that


I’m sorry, but on my Fire TV, there is not an option in Settings for Fire TV. I looked in Devices, Account, and others with no luck. Anyway you can look into this and give us other options or assistance?

Rather than pull your hair out, why not just buy a cheap Firestick or the ONN box and set that up?

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