Needing a new streaming device, advice please?

Ok so to start I’m not very smart when it comes to device specs, device tech, etc. I don’t really know much about any of it and rely on video guides to do anything with jailbreaking and streaming on a device. Ive been a firestick user for years and want to get away from it since all the issues with them. Money is very tight so I really can’t go top notch and get a Nvidia shield or similar. I also don’t use live iptv stuff, i just mainly only download movies apps to watch movies and use streaming apps like twitch and YouTube. I use a couple other apps but nothing crazy and sometimes kodi (haven’t really figured kodi out all the way and everything it can do). I also would like to get into retro gaming but that’s about everything i want to be able to do with a device. So with those things in mind what would you guys suggest for a good device for me to get? I just want something that will last awhile and have plenty of storage while not having to spend so much for a decent device that’s simple enough for me.

Also sorry if there is a post already like this, i just couldn’t find one that gave me a clear answer that i understood without all the device tech stuff in it


1st thing that comes to mind is a tivo-4k, cheap full featured androud tv box except for kodi. It will handle kodi but much like a firestick would(not great). A mecool box also would serve you well. Mostly comes down to how much do you want to spend…


Do you want a certified box for netflix etc? I always like to stick to certified boxes as the wife uses netflix. Im happy with a firestick 4k max but also have a shield amongst other devices.
If going non certified try out a s905x4 box with 4gb ram. Im sure others on here have them.
I like the look of the mecool boxes or there is ugoos x4q pro.
Tell us the budget then we can advise better.

Firestick handles kodi PERFECTLY…

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Get a fire stick or nvidea shield pro…Nuff said…

Did you read the question posted? Leaving firesticks, cant afford shield? Why tell them to get what they just said the dont want or cant get?


Well, since you have minimal use for a device and money is tight. Why not just use the apps already installed on your smart TV and you can add the apps you’ve mentioned straight to your tv and by-pass the whole device thing altogether.


This is another criteria we may have not really addressed. Some boxes run emulators much better than others.

Oops…didn’t see the gaming criteria.
Gamer Emolgi


Hey Nicole,
Anth raised an important question. It might help you get some meaningful recommendations if you could answer a few questions. You don’t need to know about all the specs. So here goes:

Are you going to need something for Netflix or Amazon Prime?
What is your budget? How much do you feel comfortable spending?
How important is the gaming to you?
Do you have enough patience with yourself to learn to set up a device which is not as easy as your Firestick was to set up?

I don’t use Netflix but i do use hulu if that makes any difference? I’m wanting to get away from firesticks since they are so packed with ads, little storage, and them making it harder to sideload apps, etc. As far as how much I want to spend, well I’d like to stay under $100 well even $80 to be honest.

I like having the option to sideload apps and also retro gaming but also i don’t have a smart tv anyways lol

No restriction on sideloading on the Max. I don’t have ads, but then you can turn off your ad profile as well as auto play and sound. I posted a vid showing how you can add up to 2 TB storage on a max. So it’s inexpensive, add a powered OTG hub/ethernet, get a mini keyboard, add storage and now you have a device to rival other more expensive streamers.

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I do use Hulu, and hbo but i don’t really use Amazon prime often and don’t use Netflix at all. I don’t really care about Amazon prime enough for that to be a deal breaker. I also don’t mind learning how to set up a device that might be harder than a firestick but i don’t want it to be something ridiculously difficult either. Like i mentioned earlier, I have always needed step by step directions to “jailbreak” the firestick or add stuff to it so without that i don’t think I could’ve done it without them so keep that in mind. Gaming is pretty important to me but it’s not my main focus, my focus is watching the new movies released, streaming YouTube, and twitch without buffering, and storage space.

All sounds great in retrospect but it doesn’t take care of Amazon making it harder and cracking down on jailbreaking their devices, shouldn’t be long before they make it impossible.

Setting up android boxes is no harder than a firestick or any other. Its slightly different is all, not to worry

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If the hope is retro gaming along with solid streaming, you would have to likely go with a box, not a stick. Decent hardware specs are important, usb ports for a controller, etc. I know we go to Mecools a lot in here, but getting a KM6 for around $100 is a killer deal. Buzz and some other higher end box manufacturers may have middle of the road box models for around $100, that may be perfect.

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But they aren’t cracking down. They can’t. They have to keep a method for devs to test their stuff. They’ve only changed the method and that’s all. So making it impossible is not in the cards for the future or anytime soon. As far as ads go, I never see any, so not sure what you are referring to. If you mean the viewing suggestions, you get thos on AndroidTV/GoogleTV as well. Most of the big boys are going down the same path. So you have Stock Android, AndroidTV/GoogleTV or perhaps Roku. GL2U.

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Setting up an Android TV OS is easier than a stock OS (or FS AFA as that goes), for one big reason…what needs to be d/led & installed is more difficult to find with stock. If she wants Hulu, a TV OS would be a better choice.

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Hey Nicole,
Two questions which need answered…Is $65-75 dollars too much?
And, would you be comfortable adding extra wiring & pieces to save $20 or would you prefer a box that doesn’t need much else?

If you want Hulu, you probably wouldn’t be happy with the picture quality with a ‘stock’ Android box.
A MeCool box would set you back about $65-75 box after their discount and fit your wants.

If money is really tight, The Firestick Max with expanded memory might be the ticket.