Need power supply for Nvidia shield tv

I am in need of a new power supply for Nvidia shield tv and have looked everywhere even there site. Found used on flea Bay but want new ones. Tried googling and nothing Amazon cones up but when you read the description it doesn’t fit the shield tv anyone know where to get one : power supply nvidia shield

I tried that one if you scroll down to the review it doesn’t work with the shield that coming from someone who bought one

hmmm, so a universal wont work?

Would like to get original equipment if at all possible I tried all over the place even Nvidia doesn’t seem to sell them after market I guess would be ok

strange, you would think that would be a common thing

That’s what I thought but like I said before just my luck :joy:

I found This on Newegg. But damn. lol Is this what you’re seeking?

Have you tried ebay? I see a lot of pre-owned so there’s probably new ones available as well.

A little too expensive for me 213.00 and cones from China on a donkey thanks but I will keep looking lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks for your response yes one of the first places I checked alot of used and some new ones but they say for Nvidia shield but if you read the description they tell you to make sure of the voltage and the connection is right before ordering . To me red flag is compatible or not then once you buy it most of the time you’re stuck with it I don’t really like eBay thanks for your input

For that price you can just about purchase a new Shield Pro. I was floored

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Did you try customer support?

Yes I tried that yesterday and couldn’t get through to anyone . Unbelievable it’s not even in the online store didn’t think I would have such a hard time with this. Going to try them again today let you know how it goes thanks :+1:

Try going to a best buy in the geek squad place and ask them for one.

I found tons of ones from suppliers like alibaba but I can’t confirm if they’re any good. I’m absolutely amazed that a flagship product like this from Nvidia has such poor customer support.

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I looked on best buy all they had was the shield it self

This ad claims it is compatible?

I looked at that one if you scroll down to review it says. Q:Will this work with the Nvidia shield tv ?

Answer this question
A: it was for a phone type plug not a shield pro android TV plug. I thought if it says it was for a shield it was but someone that bought one say’s not right plug

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Yeah, i see that now. I did check on nvidia forums and someone got one sent to him from nvidia. I would to their CS live chat and ask.

I also saw one with multiple adapter fittings. Maybe check that route?

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