My Tivimate is in steady buffering mode, Help would be much appreciated

I cleared cache, unplugged box, rebooted, channels on guide show, but selection of any only buffers, no pic.
I use Surfshark, recently they were updated, tried switching locations, doesn’t help.
Any Help would be greatly appreciated
Thanks in Advance

When encountering buffering please take a look here, lots of info.

Contact your provider.

Appreciate the information
I downloaded defsquid, ran scans, no problems.
I might also add, I have same Iptv with smarters everything works
I’m just spoiled with tivimate, I changed buffering size in settings to small,no change

So many variables which is why i sent you my buffering link and to speak to your provider. If you have good down speed with good up speed chances are it could be your provider. Could be your vpn conflicting, try different protocols. Could be your device being used up. When your internet is fine and your device at that point id suggest speaking to them. Could be server congestion.

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This might sound crazy but hear me out. If you are using an m3u to login to TiVi mate try using Xtreme codes or vice versa.

Got everything working except tivimate, provider had proxy issues, fixed
I’ll work on tvmate
Thank you to all that have helped!

Sometimes depending on provider adding a user agent will clear things up in tivimate but worth a try. Its found in settings>>>general… scroll down to User-Agent and it should be blank. Try putting something in there. an example would be google. The larger android strings can be found >>> HERE

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Also, I found that while the wifi download signal was faster (my KM1 Deluxe is limited to 100 mb ethernet speeds), hooking up the ethernet cable gave me double the upload speed while still giving me enough download speed (~ 75 down with SS VPN). Someone mentioned prior that good upload speed was necessary for a solid feed to reduce buffering. So part of your troubleshooting might be to hook up an ethernet cable; that is if you haven’t already.

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