My new toy...get ready for me being annoying

Arriving Saturday.

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Nice, should be fine. Only thing I would have changed is the ram. DDR4 is faster, but the ddr3 should be ok.

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Yeah, I looked at that .
But to my price-point limitations, the chipset seems to be a better choice than an Allwinner H616 or 618 and a little less performance difference shouldn’t bother me too much.


Or instead, try to read up on guides… these things all operate pretty much the same way. Download install apps and play…


for that price it should at least have a usb 3.0 port? usb 2.0 ports are way slower and usb 3.0 drives don’t like them,they work but poorly

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Yeah, a 3.0 port would be nicer, but after some consideration I decided that at $50 getting an Amlogic processor with 64GB ROM was worth it more to me to settle for less ROM & less performance out of a USB port. I’m not a gamer at all so that port would be used on the occasions where we have a power and /or internet outage to play content on a USB stick.

When I’ve done that with my (former) FS 4K or one of our ONN boxes, it’s worked out well. I figure it’ll work well enough with this box.

50us for this box or 40 us for a box with 128gb storage? i’m going for the storage to record on tivimate
thx for the link

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Well Comtech, I don’t anticipate needing anywhere near 96GB (64 + 32 sd card) anyway…I just need room for sports that I wanna watch but have to miss live. And I got the minikeyboard as part of the price.

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Just got mine earlier today and started to use it.
There’s going to be a learning curve for me negotiating the UI. So far I’ve found that using a USB keyboard is a must, so I’m glad that I did get the minikeyboard.

Early impressions:
The video is stunning both streaming a basketball game & streaming a show via Kodi. Also, it’s nice to be able to select a rather larger file to stream.

I installed and am using Kodi 20, IPV and IPTVSmarters with no issues from the Playstore.
I did try getting Kodi via TP toolbox, but it arrived as a zipped file & I couldn’t figure out how to unpack it.

NOW, for the issue that I haven’t figured out:
I installed Tivimate with no problem both from the playstore & from the toolbox.
BUT, after entering the sign-in details, the app’s ‘done’ button never activated. I tried both xstream & m3u methods, but no joy.
Is there something that needs to be done on stock Android that I’m missing?
(I had no problem with Smarters.)

Forgot to note: It’s been running continuously for about 5 hours. It’s not even warm. But I did set it on its edge instead of laying it flat.

Hey E…

Try using the Enter buttn on keybrd after each entry to move tivimate cursor
(I hv to turn off pointer when using my airmouse)
Seems like it needs a hard clik, not a pointer clik
(might work)

& what about og remote?



I’ll try again tomorrow…right now we’re taking a bathroom break watching a show.

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I managed to install playlists on the Tivimate this morning…
Turns out that I needed the remote to get to select “done” after entering the m3u or xstream data.
(Dumb on my part)

Next two irritations:
-Apparently the version of the ESPN app that includes ESPN+ isn’t compatible with this device.
-Google Playstore won’t allow installations of apps this morning. I’m getting an ‘another app is drawing on the screen’ error. I’ve tried force closing Aptoide & the other ‘play store’ that comes preinstalled on the device.

espn+ is bundled on most subs I have with no issues. Try and get what you want thru the sub rather than apps for ease of use. imho

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hey El…

Yor probly gonna hv to update or reinstall the pre-installed apps, theyr probly old vers & then get stuff thru chrome & apkpure (then use yor devices app installer)

Ive got espn on my 905 from pure & it worx fine (may need your mouse to scroll tho)

But pure is a place to get the stuff that Troy or Unlinked duznt have

& on the last 1, chek yor app permissions:

Settings >
Apps >
Special app acces >
Display over apps >

there youll see whats on/off


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What does “allow display over other apps” actually mean? I notice all the Google apps (and system apps) are “on”, but apps like Film Plus and my IPTV service are not “on”. Should I be turning these on?

generally if an app requires that it will pop up and ask for permission.


Yeah… Only needs to be On if the app shares the screen with other apps like PIP or graphics

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Thanks Ron and Sketch. Now that I have your “attention”, where is the best source to get the free Tivimate? And where do I get the m3u information for my IPTV service to try and enter it into Tivimate? (should probably check the intro info from them – tucked away in a folder – to see if it’s there) I think I’ll go with the paid premium Tivimate service, but I want to try it and see if it’s more stable than the IPTV service’s platform.

Free version has only a couple of bells & whistles…99% of the people here with Tivimate will tell you to just jump into the deep end of the pool & pay the lifetime cost…YOU WILL LOVE IT! :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’ll do that. Where should I get it?