My new toy...get ready for me being annoying

Troy’s Toolbox is a good place for the top apps…you know how to get there?

Yes. Didn’t know it was in the toolbox.

Do a search here. Lots of info…

Looks amazing but looks can be deceiving has great price as well for the specs please post an update when you receive it

but carl…

ya gotta purchase Tivimate Companion a google playstore

TiviMate IPTV Player - Apps on Google Play


Got the companion and paid for subscription. Had to use Fire tablet with playstore on it because it’s not available in Android TV Playstore. Thanks Troy for another great tutorial. Used downloader and code to get TiviMate app. Now trying to enter the m3u URL that came with the intro email from IPTV provider. I know you have to enter it exactly or it won’t go. I checked and double checked and the code I’m entering is correct but I can’t get it to work. Also shut off VPN per Troy. Is that lower dash (lays at the bottom of the space) in the code actually a lower dash or meant to represent a space? I have it on the screen keyboard so assuming it’s actually a lower dash…yes?

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Sometimes TVRon, but with my subs, it’s too often when a game is listed for say App St vs Ga Southern ends up showing Ga State vs ULM. (Same happens with Peacock. I’m a very casual Brentford fan and that was listed on one of the Peacock channels. Another EPL was showing under that listing, so I had to go to the ONN & use the Peacock app.)
I’m paying for the ESPN App anyway. But it’s not a huge deal for me anyway. All I have to do is switch inputs & use an ONN box.

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I will try APKPure tomorrow.

I did check the permissions already.

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I just DL’d APKPure and, of course, it’s page oriented 90 degrees such that the top of the page is laying on the left of the screen.

I tried ‘Set Orientation’ from the Toolbox, but I cannot figure out how to use it while to turn the APKPure’s display to vertical.

What I do rather than install the apkpure or fdroid apps is download whatever I need and then sideload it or use the downloader app to search and install.


That makes sense, now that I’ve thought about it.
I haven’t gotten used to the fact that I have a keyboard and Google and Yahoo browsers that I can use to DL with plenty of memory to play with.

Having a wired connection is an improvement also.


I found a source for verified apks for ESPN:
They have a lot of versions available. I had to try a few until I found one that works; it was a version from April of 2022.

It loads a little slower than the Android TV or FS apps do, but those do load pretty slowly, also.

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