MXplayer pro with codecs

MX player pro w/ codecs will not download from troys downloader code

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I would suggest using our Toolbox to install this.


It will not download from your toolbox

Try this link. Before you do, check your mx player settings to determine which version you need for your device.

Then use the link to download the appropriate version.

Alternatively this link might be easier:

Hope that helps.

It should, works for me. What happens?

after I am in Troy’s apps for install I have that red circle cursor. I scroll to MXPlayer with codecs and click on it. I see a blue download run across the screen as it should but nothing else happens

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Works fine for me, what device are you using to access the toolbox?

only the best. Nvidia shield pro

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What app are you using to access Troy’s toolbox? Have you enabled unknown sources in the Pro? I just opened my “downloader” app and went to Troy’s Toolbox, downloaded and installed MX. This on a 2019 Shield Pro, completely updated and Google playstore disabled. No problems here. Opened it up, went to settings and enabled HW+ . I used my mini keyboard that uses a 2.4GHz dongle, or install the mouse toggle for Shield in the Toolbox as well.

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I go to downloader and put in the code he requires to use now. I scroll down with the red circle to Mx player pro with codecs and click on it and nothing happens. I am no newbie and know how to access his page now. But I am baffled

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Have you tried this on another browser?

If it doesn’t work in “Browser” then move up to " Home" and give it a try. Nobody said anything about newbie, I hate that term so would never use it. Sometimes we all run into a roadblock and, with constant updates may need to refine our technique. FYI I didn’t use the numerical code. I went to: minus the bracket naturally.

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I don’t need a browser. I open downloader on my shield and add the appropriate code that brings me to his page we need to use now. I scroll to the app. Click on it Then nothing. So I have been using mxplayer from the Google app store

As I mentioned. With an update a while back, you no longer had to add the code for the downloader to be used as a browser. So you can enter codes or urls in 2 different locations. I have a Shield and installed the MX plsyer in troy’s toolbox without issue. So try using home as I suggested or browser in downloader on your Shield.

I thought it was a valid question to ask if you had used another browser to access the Toolbox website and successfully got it to download using that. The codes you are using are just shortcuts to the url on Downloader Browser. I’m not sure if you were mad at me for asking or just disgusted at my question, but the first thing I would have done before posting here was use TVBro or another internet browser to eliminate possible causes in the troubleshooting process.

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No I wasn’t mad or disgusted. You all have been great as always. I was frustrated. Sorry if I offended you. I have done everything here but to no avail. I used TVBRO I gave up. I am just using the one from the Google play store

Make sure javascript is enabled in downloader settings


Could try the Aurora Store and set it up to get the full play Store. The Aurora Store is now my go-to app for downloading just about everything. Just make sure you remember to spoof it.

here is a vid to assist you.


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And if none of that works, and if you don’t mind using the MX player 1.10.50 beta or 1.10.51, depending on your rig, either of which works perfectly for me with HW+, I’m sending you a link on YouTube of a video I made up for my friends so they can install it on their rigs. How to install MX player . I hope that helps.

Why is your Google Play store disabled? What purpose does this serve?