Moving apps to from USB to Firestick

Hi again. Thanks for all the help. Is there an app that I can use to move apps from USB to the firestick and visa versa?


Please review this for all firestick issues and guides, if the following hasn’t worked feel free to ask.

This should resolve most to all issues.


I know all that is there, but I wanted a more simple program that I can use to move apps back on Firestick for updates, then put them back to USB?

If you have the space to put the apps on the device in the first place then why are you putting them on USB just to move them back again to update? Makes no sense to me. Maybe you just need a better device with more storage.

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For some reason, apps on usb fail updates, so a member said he put them on the main firestick to update, then put them back on USB. I use the USB extra space because the main firestick only has approx 5gig of space. I have two and don’t want to buy other media units right now…

Try Xplore then. There are two panes. On the left navigate to the file you want to move. On the right navigate to the folder you want to move it to. Then in the middle control panel choose the move command. Or you can long press on the file itself in the left pane and it will bring up all the options you have for that file. I’m pretty sure Xplore is mentioned right in the Troypoint tutorial for formatting the USB drive in the first place.


If an app on the 4k Max is capable of being moved from the stick to your USB then the option will be available to you without any special program. settings>applications>manage installed applications. Now in this case I’ll use Analiti as an example. I have it on my USB as that is where my apps get automatically installed if the developer has allowed it. In the second pic you’ll see the usb icon beside Analiti, then when I click on it you will see the “Move to internal storage”.(first pic) Now I found if updating that it’s often just as easy to simply uninstall and then reinstall the latest version. However you can move to internal and once updated “move to external” . However with some apps I found after updating that the option to move to external no longer existed, that’s why I suggested the uninstall and reinstall route.

Thankyou kindly. I will try this. Reinstalling is what I’ve been doing, but wanted to try moving.

Hey nothing ventured, nothing gained. My only suggestion is to keep your main media apps on the stick and backup apps on the USB. Keep in mind you only need one media app like Kodi or Stremio, to stream your content. So keep a backup like TeaTV on your USB.
Have fun and STREAM ON.

Use X-plore to move the apps back and forth. X-plore must find the USB storage to work.

You can use up more space by adding a program like X-plore or ES File Explorer if you use it for other operations, but really isn’t needed when the ability to move apps back and forth is now part of the Max program. I use ES File Explorer to reset unused Amazon crapware to factory to recover space. I’ll have to see now if it does anything better or different than the internal Max programming when moving apps in or out of the USB drive. TX RJ.

Ok that was an epic fail. I’ll have to study the procedure to move apps back and forth using ES File Explorer. Be very careful using these sorts of tools, one wrong click and stuff will simply disappear and you may take a long time trying to get it back.
Have fun and STREAM ON.

Thanks. I have the ES program, but it never works when trying to move stuff. But I have plenty of info from all to work on. Thanks…

The FS Max doesn’t move some Apps to USB and if you move Apps from USB you can’t move them back sometimes. The Max will also give you blank icons and you will have to use the manage app setting or use sideload launcher.

This is all up to the app developer, not Amazon. So yes some apps will auto install on the USB and others won’t. Again, this isn’t anything to do with the Max but everything to do with the app developer.

Thank you for this info…

Thank you for the help…

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