MOVIE TIME.... oldies but goodies👍

Looking for a forgotten movie? I found one I had forgot about. Going back to 2004 for This Tom Cruise, Jamie Fox…etc
Collateral (2004) - IMDb


Great movie indeed!

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Ok, here is my contribution. It is bleedin’ hilarious. Even if you only watch the first half hour I can pretty much guarantee you will get a laugh. It’s a French movie but there is very little dialog.

Playtime (1967) - IMDb

Another Good one I watched last night…from 2005… FlightPlan with Jodie Foster

Flightplan (2005) - IMDb

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ahhh yes, those eggs :rofl:

And don’t forget the car wash… :heart_eyes:

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Burt Reynolds had some great movies. The Longest Yard, Deliverance, Smokey & the Bandit, The End…etc

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Baseball great oldies, The Pride of The Yankees, Eight Men Out and The Catcher Was A Spy

A really good movie from 2001 is The Pledge with Jack Nicholson. I’m surprised it didn’t have a huge audience, was such a well written story with great actors.

Just about any Peter Sellers movie fits this category. Fave beside the Pink Panther series was The Party. I understand that Peter had no script for this movie. He acted on instinct and had a cast that was sharp enough to keep up with him.
The Party (1968) - IMDb

King Kong and Godzilla!


The good the bad an the ugly

Okay, I have to add “Killer Joe”. It stars Mathew McConaughey and its really a good movie. The beginning is a little shocking (not for kids), but the story and acting are pretty darn good. Everything comes together at the end. Check it out.

You should go to YouTube and watch Jamie Fox’s interview on the Tonight Show. Note his comments about Tom Cruise.

ET phone home!

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The Party was great. Another Peter Sellers great is Being There.

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deliverance put me off camping :rofl:

The Verdict…one of Paul Newman’s understated but best performances.