Movie apk's that work please

So pretty much all the video apk’s that I normally use don’t work atm does anyone recommend any that has a long list of horror/ family movies since those 2 genre’s are what I watch the most

You need to be descriptive when making topics like this. Also apks do work, also dont just make a topic without searching… there is so much info here your head would explode. Things work, if you say something doesnt work explain on it. But the best thing to do is read and search as there is options.

Take a look here for the best recommend aps with real debrid setup.

Welcome to the community. As a newer user please use the search as this is a common issue/problem.

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Appreciate it very sorry just not very good when it comes to stuff like this

Thats why we have guides, topics and the search. We understand that but its why we put together info so its available.

horror apps - Google Search

family apps - Google Search

Syncler, Syncler, Syncler and Syncler. :grin: Nothing even remotely close. Been in “the game” a good amount of time and tried them all.

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On the FREE side, try Stremio. Real-Debrid not needed and Stremio is free. Works great!

Don’t forget the free and 100% verified/legal apps: TUBI, Freeform, Pluto & Xumo Play. There are many others. TUBI is my fav of the freebies.

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I second BigDave. Stremio has been my go to for years. Well maintained. Good variety. Lots of great scrapers. No need for premium services but if you want to add them you can. Trakt integration, and the greatness just goes on and on. CC, Subtitles><><><><><><>

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