MeTV Toons Brings Classic Cartoons Back to TV - Where to Watch


One of my providers just added that channel.


The cartoons we grew up on…Like Speed Racer :skull:

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Clutch Cargo
Mighty Mouse
Fractured Flickers
Beanie and Cecil
Johnny Quest
Top Cat
Felix the Cat
Yogi Bear
Huckleberry Hound
Woody Woodpecker

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WOW…Clutch Cargo

Remember this one from 1972. It was the first of its kind.


+1 for Clutch Cargo. Human mouths on cartoon characters!


Is anyone getting the guide data for metv toons?Even my ota zapperbox,and tablo don’t display it,let alone my iptv.

Philo has it and displays the EPG. My IPTV doesn’t have the EPG for it.


Same here, Philo has epg. I think it will show up soon on ota as most major markets will carry it.

My iptv provider has the epg… :owl:

EDIT: You know the saying about assuming? Well, I didn’t check and just assumed the epg was from that provider’s playlist. So, I checked using ‘Assign EPG’ and the METV Toons epg is being pulled from another provider I have and not the one I have pictured.

Sorry, my bad…opps

Oops! gif


My IPTV has it but no EPG.

Of all my MeTV chans “Toons” is the only one with no info. Ahhh my bad. I updated my EPG and now it has the full info.

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I think we have the same provider?Was trying to message you but can’t lol.


That’s because I turned off PMs. I was getting too many PMs for requests and such from members I didn’t know.

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I updated my guide and still no info for metv toons.

I knew you had it turned off.Why I didn’t make the preferred list is a mystery though lol

I don’t have an EPG for MeTV tunes either.

I have 4 paid services and 3 of them have the channel but only 2 of them have the epg, so far.

Sit tight and most likely the epg will be added soon. You could put in a ticket to your provider asking for the epg to be updated. They may not even be aware of it missing.

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Same here. I have 3 services and at first all 3 had no info, now 2 have loaded and only 1 is empty.

This is a little off subject, but you seem to be a channel person. Do you happen to have or know of a provider that offers the Defy channel? I haven’t found it anywhere so far, except for OTA.