Mecool KM9 Pro Deluxe

Hi Guys I am having issues with KM 9 it’s a new box when I download Downloader app from google play store You Tube app starts crashing .Any Ideas as to what may be causing this issue. I have cleared data and uninstalled Downloader reinstalled it and I get the same issues.

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Downloader and youtube shouldnt affect each other. Have you un-installed youtube and re-installed?

Thank you for your reply TXRon it affects other apps I install also but I will try your suggestion
and see if it makes a difference. I also tried a factory reset but same problem.


Also what exactly do you mean by “crashing”? Is the unit re-booting by itself after play starts or is the app just stopping?

App reverts back to home screen after a second or two.

ok, well thats an app issue maybe. But you said it happens with other apps also?

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Often a video app will stop play and revert back to the home screen if bandwidth is not good enough for play. Have you ran a speed test?

Yes apps which I have downloaded from downloader app that’s why I thought it was a downloader issue. It has the latest firmware according to the OTA update check.

Download speed is 150Mbps I am on gigabit broadband 500Mbps tarrif.

open down loader and search for speed test. First result will be and run a test right now just to verify speed.

Thank you but I cant access the box right now my grandaughter is having a nap but I will try later.

Ok, let us know. My suspicion is bandwidth issue and not app related due to you said multiple apps are affected. Have a great day and post back.

Will do Thanks again.

Ok baby awake speed test ping 12ms download 127Mbps I also have an nvidia shield working perfectly in the same room. I am setting up this box for a friend and I have set up 4 of them in the last week and no issues in the same room.


I think you should try to disable google play protect and allow install from unknown sources.

Thank you TP-Dracoo I will give it a go and let you know later.

I think Google play services might be interfering with some apps you get from the Downloader oppose from the play store.

Even tho it technically shouldn’t but the play protect will randomly delete stuff, and as to my knowledge km9 is a Google certified box.

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agree, I have 2 km2’s and great boxes. No video issues at all.

Ok Guys I think the software is corrupt on this box its freezing sometimes and I have to unplug power supply to get it to work again .As the firmware is up to date would trying the factory reset internal button to get into service mode help .Is there anything there that might be worth a try.

Not real sure but it sounds different from a software issue. Maybe someone will chime in that has had this issue.