Mecool km6 not so cool

After reading Troy’s MeCool KM3 review I researched MeCool and found they had a 4/64GB unit with the S905X4 chip - the KM6 - just the specs I was looking for.
PROBLEM 1: Unit functioned as advertised for approx. 48 hours then shut itself off - no explanation in literature for shut down.
KM6 is not physically restricted and is not running hot - KM6 literature claims the unit should not overheat.
Only connection to KM6 is the power cord, HDMI cord and a mini-USB.
Remote unit will not communicate with KM6 unit to restart BUT will communicate for all other functions once powered up.
Restarting requires a reboot (removing power source.)
Issue repeats itself about every 48 hours - sometimes longer.
PROBLEM 2: The remote unit WILL turn the KM6 off - KM6 shuts off then immediately, without touching the remote again, turns itself back on.
Advised MeCool Customer Service(?) in writing - NO RESPONSE!
After 5 messages to WalMart’s supplier, it’s clear they are also being stonewalled by MeCool who want a video to see the problem. . a video of an intermittent event??

My MyGica and Mi Box units do not have this problem and are never turned off.
Is anyone else having a MeCool KM6 or is it
just a MeCool problem in general?
Am I doing something wrong?

Thankx in advance 4 your input.

Sorry to hear that @rband13…I got a KM6 Deluxe this past summer, after watching every review I could find (including Troy’s) & haven’t had a problem whatsoever. Someone else posted about some serious problems with a KM3 model, I believe, but yours is the 1st for the KM6 that I’ve seen. Only advice I could give you, untill some professional help arrives, is to maybe try a factory reset & see if that does anything.
Good luck…

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Let us know how the reset worked.

Thanks for your response . . Reset is my last resort because of my hi # of fav’s but increasingly looks like I might have to go that route . . Tkx again.

NP…I know what ya mean about the infamous reset…if you can deal with it a while longer, maybe someone here will have some better insight…or the company peeps will come up with something …ya never know.

Agreed . .I’ll bide my time and see what surfaces over the next few days.

I had the KM1 and the power supply went off on me,so i had to order one back to me and then that. was ok,but after that a couple of month the screen just went dark and I pulled the plug out and rebooted the box and I had the android robot there saying crashed…I tried to do a factory reset but on boot the Android robot was still there so i ordered the KM2 actually 2 lol and so far so’s to bad there good boxe’s when there running and the reason why I like them is that there google certified and i like that fact that you can load certified apps from the store instead of Fork application.I hope that maybe that enough people out there that has similar problems maybe mecool will try to do something about it…because there going to go out of bizness …anyways thats this is just my 2 cent :slight_smile:

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Tkx 4 your 2¢ worth Marko . . Eventually a ‘Reset’ will be done and hopefully there will be some ‘change’!

just to chime in here. I also have 2 mecool km2 boxes. And although ive seen others with issues, mine have been pretty much tame. I set them up following Troypoints guide and no real problems other than a few remote issues. However you are not the first ive seen with problems with mecool boxes and they really need to step up. Their reputation is on trial. They need to chill with the amount of km 1-2-3-4-5 …etc and concentrate on getting one right before expanding so fast…just my 2 cents. …and although I have 2 km boxes only one is in use and one stays tuned up ready for service. My nvidea is best…hands down.


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