Manage installed applications on new fire tv

How do i get to manage installed applications. Doesn’t give me the option

Is this on an actual TV or a device plugged into the TV? If this is on a TV, go to the manufacturers web site and get your models manual?

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If on a firestick just click the home button and go to Applications. Scroll down to ‘Manage Applications’

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It has manage applications but no allow for unknown

So you are trying to turn on “Install from Unknown Sources”? If that is the case, click “My Fire Tv”, “Developer Options” and turn on “Apps from Unknown Sources”.

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Please review this for all firestick issues and guides, if the following hasn’t worked feel free to ask.

This should resolve most to all issues.

I think you got your answers. Should close this item.

There is no my fire tv in the settings

If you’re looking for developer options its there, there is a guide and tory guide on this.

This leads me back to my original question you never answered. Is this on an actual TV or a device plugged into the TV? Answer that and then we can better help you resolve your issue. Until then it’s just a guessing game.

He did, he mentioned firestick.

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It’s a brand new Insignia tv with Fire TV. The settings don’t have the My fire tv, nor developer options

Insignia TV is a good start. What model #. Please remember with countless smart devices on the market there are countless configurations and in order to find the information you need, we need precise info. Insignia will help but exact model number would be very helpful.
settings>about device>build number
now click enter on the build number and that should activate developer options. Now that is a generic method and may vary per model. Here is another method.
As it’s now hidden, navigate to the About section in settings.
Hit the button on the remote seven times on the first item to reveal the now-hidden Developer Options menu.
As you can see, there are many different ways. But this is the sort of thing you have to do.
Also for your manual:

This is an actual tv. Nothing plugged in to it.

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I just posted. Please read.

It’s my daughter’s tv, so i will give it a shot next time I go there. Thanks for your help.

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