Lost apps on expanded memory

I had followed the Troypoint tutorial on expanding memory to a usb Sandisk and all seemed good. Then a couple days later I no longer have any apps on my fire stick or the expanded memory. Anyone knows how that happens and what the fix is?


Hello @rick.l.noll I would suggest trying to restart your device. Sounds like the USB drive became disconnected.

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I’ve heard rumblings of apps disappearing after the new update…

I suffered the same problem…then began troubleshooting…if you reboot (un plug and plug back in) you will get the apps back…

I searched several topics & I think this is the place for my question about vanishing Apps. Two days ago while watching a show on The Crew, Kodi disconnected & I was returned to the Home Page where all my Apps that were loaded on my extended Sandisk disappeared. Augh!!! Reboot did not fix it. Storage on my internal drive is 2.54 GB of 5.28 GB available. Anticipating @JayHawks659, I need the storage for recording on TiVimate.

I began researching cause & cure. I found the topic on Amazon blocking & TechDoctorUK. @TP-Dracoo warned that Amazon is trying to block side-loading. Therefore, I decided I needed to block Amazon updates which may be behind my vanishing Apps, before I figured out how to return the Apps to my Home screen. For some reason, I could not download FireTV Debloat Toolbox for Fire0S6 from RAI? Why? ADB debugging & apps from unknown sources are ON. I am using a FireTV 4K w/OS Failing at that, I found @Miki ‘s post & typed in the web address into Downloader & could download the techdoctoruk App that way. I typed in my IP address & blocking worked. Thank you @Miki!


That done, I began to troubleshoot the problem of disappeared Apps. I noticed that, my external storage did not appear under my fire TV? Why? I retraced my steps for how I initialized my Sandisk to Fat32 & set up Remote ADB shell (no logic here, just not knowing what to do). It dawned on me that if the storage wasn’t appearing on the FireTV, perhaps it was a connection problem w/Sandisk? This dawned on me this before finding Troy’s post on rebooting & testing all connections. Duh-uh. That was when under MANAGE INSTALLED APPLICATIONS, the Sandisk Apps appeared again. I just needed to open them from the Applications page in the FireTV & then they would appear again on my Home Page. Was this all a connection problem?

All was right with the world again.

Until yesterday. Once again my Sandisk Apps went Poof from the Home Page. This time, I am not able to get TechdoctorUK to work. It says, FireTV is not connected? I still cannot download FireTV Debloat Toolbox for Fire0S6 from RAI still? This is all happening with IP Vanish on, BTW. [Also I turned off IP Vanish when trying to download & set up TechdoctorUK]. I did notice that my Apps still appear under MANAGE INSTALLED APPLICATIONS, so I can re-populate my Home Page, however, the external storage does not show up under FireTV? And, I suppose everything can go Poof again, because I don’t know what is causing this?

Given that @TP-Dracoo thinks Amazon maybe trying to stop side-loading & given that @Troypoint weighed in (11.18.21) with his rationale as to why this is not likely, what might be behind my disappearing app.


    1. Why can’t I download the Debloat Toolbox from RAI?
    1. Why can’t TechdoctorUK find my FireTV?
    1. Why are my Apps on my extended USB disappearing?
    1. Why isn’t my FireTV showing the external storage?
    1. Should I give up the game and buy a Nivida Shield—the thought of starting over with a new system makes me crazy!

Thank you in advance.

I have a problem like this with Kodi installed on my 2019 $200 Nvidia Sheild . Eerything disapears an about two days including the setting I have made . Tried everything to solve the problem but nothing wll stay . Don’t no why . But it works great on my $30 fire stick .

That was my experience as well. The apps were still there, just had to look in a different place. I have just turned off updates.

Yikes! Good to know. Wonder why though? Guess you do too.


Disable play protect. Also if you update the devices might have to check that is Disabled, the update may turn it on.

I assume “disable play protect” is somewhere within Kodi? I could not find it. Nor could I find it within the FireTV. Can you tell me where to find it please?..D


Google play protect, it’s not on kodi.


PERFECT! I’m all over it. Thanks @Miki !

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@Miki is a FireTV an android? I don’t use Google Play, The instructions in the link seem to be fore Nvidia or Mecool. Is disabling play relevant to FireTV?


That was my fault I forgot you had a firestick or Amazon device.

Download defsquid app and do a anti virus deep scan to double check. Your apps shouldn’t disappear like that.

You are having strange issue that I haven’t seen before on a Amazon device, not to this level anyway. I’d be so bold to reset everything formate and start over.

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Wow @TP-Dracoo I really like this DefSquid. I hope it helps. if nothing else I am doing a deep scan and a cleaning. My Apps didn’t go poof yesterday, but we only watched Syncler. I will have to try Kodi tonight and if it poofs again, it will have to do with Kodi. Or maybe DefSquid will help. Thank you! BTW, deep scan found 1 (5.0%) app malicious. Cinema HD V2. Guess I have to adios Cinema.


Update: I recently set my FireTV4K to factory settings & re-installed what I needed. DefSquid run prior to my re-set IDed Cinema as having malware, I wonder if that is what caused my Apps to disappear, twice? I assume that if an app is carrying malware, it must be to do something destructive.

Problems again. On Sunday, I reset my FireTV 4K stick (0s (NS6281/4812) to factory settings. I then added RAI, Downloader & ABD Shell (for my 64 mg SanDisk Ultra USB flash drive (fat 32)) to the internal disk & set up ADB Shell. I then added from RAI to my external drive: Syncler (which I updated to plus), Sideload Launcher, Kodi, my IPTV, TiviMate, MX player; VLC Media Player, Mouse Toggle, Analiti Speed Test, Fast Task Killer.

I downloaded DefSquid which found Sideload Launcher (from RAI) & Pluto (which was on the stick) “maliciousl” I removed them both although if either are the problem, it’s likely too late. All the rest showed up on my stick with the USB tag. I don’t remember how much memory I had left, but there was plenty. But, I could not see external storage on my Fire TV. This morning, 90 min of my morning show recorded on TiViMate. I was watching it (to then be deleted & recorded again tomorrow). Suddenly, I get the message from Amazon that I am critically out of space & FireTV updates will not be able to update, remove apps. I logged on to check storage which was 126 MG of 5.34 GB & showed FULL? None of my apps with the USB tag showed up, only the Apps on internal storage??? I emptied all cache’s. I deleted VLC, Mouse Toggle, and MX player (hope I don’t need those). Rebooted. This did not change the 126 MG of 5.34. The external disk still shows full. The apps with tags reappeared. Before I did anything, I noticed my WiFi was off of IPVanish. I turned that back on and then did everything I mentioned above. I was unable to add a debloat App.

  • · Why is my internal drive showing full (126 MB of 5.34 GB)?
  • · Why isn’t my external storage showing up on my FireTV?
  • · What should I do to fix this problem (it hasn’t shown out of storage warning since I deleted a few Apps).

Having apps installed that have the rights to access the usb drive causes conflicts on the older model 4K , like ES File Explorer. I’m going to PM you the article to read.

NB this may be a repeat message. I wanted it posted to the group and I think I was only posting to @Miki PM. sorry about that.

Well things have gotten worse in some ways, but better in others as I may be narrowing in on the problem.

First, I went through the website (WS) recommended by @Miki

WS: Recommendation: To use the USB drive: Select settings, Select my Fire TV, Select USB Drive Select Format to External Storage.

Me: I don’t get a “USB Drive” menu on my Fire TV 4K stick; so that is a problem. But I know my Fire TV recognizes the USB Drive.

WS: Turn ADB Debugging off. Claims USB port on Fire TV won’t work with external drives if ADB Debugging is enabled.

Me: I always have Debugging on, but shut it off as recommended & rebooted. That changed the internal storage from 126 MB of 5.34 GB; to 280 MG of 5.34 GB & still shows full. That seems odd that storage would increase & why show full when it clearly is not full?

WS: Ensure Proper Power.

Me: I wouldn’t know how to test the power supplies. That strikes me as an unlikely issue.

WS: Conflicting Apps

Me: My remaining apps include:
External: Analiti, IPTV, Fast Task Killer, Kodi, Syncler & TiviMate
Internal: Remote ADB Shell, DefSquid, Downloader, RAI.
Is there any reason to believe any of these installed apps would conflict with existing bloatware? Somehow I don’t think so.

WS: Don’t Use Ethernet Connection

Me: I don’t. Strictly WiFi

@Miki The link you sent didn’t solve the issue, but was informative. Thank you

Having set up the partition on the Remote ADB Shell previously, I looked at it & I only saw: mantis:/$. Missing was the instructions to find the thumb drive (sm list-disks)???

This is the second time this has disappeared. Makes me wonder if the 90 min show I recorded on TiviMate, recorded to the external drive not the thumb drive & that is why it said storage is full?

After fixing Remote ADB shell (re: Troy’s video), I went to look at storage, & POOF, FireTV rebooted on me & all my external Apps disappeared??? This time I realized what went poof, was the Apps on the external drive not showing up (I can access them via Applications). What was left was Apps on the internal drive showing up on the Home Screen.

I went to open the ADB shell and it says connection failed. Needs ADB bugging enabled? But I had enabled it. I went to turn it on, but it was already turned on again, despite my shutting it down before the sytem rebooted itself.


IMG-60651920×2560 211 KB

So it looks like the issue is being narrowed down to ADB shell. I deleted it and reinstalled it. This time it installed on the thumbdrive. I assume I need to keep IPVanish off when setting up ADB shell so it recognizes my IP address. I then typed in all the right codes: [e.g. sm list-disk etc.].

The first screen should show the location of the thumbdrive: disk 8,0 This always worked before but this time I go this! See attachment.

What is going on

Correction; Apps on external drives all missing. Only internal drives are there. This suggests the sanDisk is not recognized. Except that I reinstalled ADB and it shows the thumb drive icon. I also checked al the physical connections and changed the HDMI port. I am going to try new OCG connectors and reformatted new SunDisk. When I first did this, I pulled out the SunDisk without ejecting it properly (I didn’t know there was an eject button at the time). Could that of corrupted the OCG connectors?

Well now I can’t even reload what was deleted. Says no room. Factory reset—sigh