Looks like BeeTV and TeaTV are gone!

Haven’t seen any other mention of this so… Went to the websites for both apps and they are “Under Maintenance” as of today. I guess the ACE notifications scarred them off(?) Pity, but they had both gone downhill in the last month or two with ads and mandatory player installations

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Take a look here for the best recommend aps with real debrid setup.

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I see Cinema is still listed as #1. Has anything improved or is it still a mess?

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I use Cinema all the time. It isn’t supported anymore, but so far its still working…
I don’t know how well the free links are working, I believe you would likely want RD, I have it anyhow, and it works great for me.
There are the same bugs as there have been for awhile, and will continue to be, as no one is developing/fixing things anymore. All in all, still a great app.


I can’t speak to Tea, as I haven’t got it installed. I just checked BeeTV and it’s still working fine. At least for the near future.

Yeah, still working for me, too but the web site is down. I’ve been playing with BeeTV and FilmPlus and it appears the obnoxious ads are all a function of Bplayer. I switched it for MX player in BeeTV and all is well. Unfortunately you can’t do that any more with FilmPlus so I’m ditching it for Cyberflix. The sources in Cyberflix aren’t as many but at least no LOUD ads!

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Which version of Film+ do you have? I just tried my version 1.6.1 & MX Player Pro worked fine :thinking:

FilmPlus 1.6.3. The external player option has been removed. I haven’t tried it with SurfShark’s ad blocker yet.

Roger that…very seldom use it, but I think I’ll just leave it where it is…thnx