Loading Real Debrid on The Crew

I want to load Real Debrid on The Crew, as suggested by Troy but when I click on Universal Resolvers to Authorize my account the heading is AllDebrid, not Real Debrid. When I click on Authorize my account, I am told to log onto an Alldebrid website. I have Cinema correctly loaded with Real Debrid. Why can’t I get it on The Crew.

Hi @Alwalsal13
Go to that same page, but scroll down a little further, until you see the heading Real-debrid. Click the button to active, then scrolling down a couple more lines, click on authorize(re-authorize). A new page should open up prompting you to to go to Real-Debrid | Application Authorization and input the code. Once you input it, you should see the note, account authorized.

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Thank you SO much! Perhaps Troy could explain that in his notes on Setting up Real Debrid and The Crew. Working perfectly. Thanks

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Check out my video on how to configure the other settings as well to get the best playback.