List only English speaking movie links

Is there someway to have just the links to English speaking movies listed on add ons?

The title of the show should be in there including if its English. Your best solution is to get real debrid.

Yes, but you configure the settings in Kodi itself, not the individual addons. Find the language section and set your primary language to English. There’s also a toggle to choose the primary audio stream based on your language preference. You also go to this section if you want to change your subtitle settings. If you set it to “forced only” you will only see subtitles when a language other than your chosen primary language is spoken (how subtitles should work by default).

I covered all this in a video I did, but good ol YouTube took it down. Some day I’ll record it again and put on Rumble.


I get a lot of RD links in foreign languages. If you use Stremio, it frequently has the language/subtitles listed in the title.

You should be able to decipher the language by the link title. After a while, you get accustomed to “dood” (French) and others. The flags help and so does the order of the links (English usually the first links).

There are a lot of links with multiple audio tracks all with different languages. If you don’t change your language settings in Kodi like I described above then you are going to get whatever the default audio track is. If you do change your language settings then it will always select the English audio track even if it’s not the primary.

You guys are making it more complicated than it needs to be lol. Since changing my language settings in Kodi I have not once ended up with a stream in a foreign language.


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I changed my language in kodi to English and I still get other languages, both spoken and audio using FEN and Seren. Usually have to start and stop 3 or 4 movies or tv shows before I find one in English. You would think with all the addons available, someone would come up with an app that would filter languages all through kodi. Setting the language in kodi definitely does not work for me using version 20.

Not in the interface menu… in the player settings menu. Did you go there and set the preferred audio language to English and toggle off “prefer default audio streams”?

I cover all this in my video.

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