Kodi won't play streams in Addons

I’ve read as many items on this forum about Kodi 20, but could use some understanding.
I do use real debrid and using all new add on.
Problem is I can’t watch anything, when selecting the add on it jumps back to either Kodi or manage add ons. Live cleared cache and force stop….sugggestions
Using a fire stick


I think you might have to uninstall/reinstall. Are you using a build, or just load a few add-ons?

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Thanks for the response, I think I knew that But was hoping for an easy fix.when I do that should I just jump to 20.1?

Just a few add ons, I don’t like using a build

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Not that you are hearing from an expert here(far from that, but i do read almost every post, and remember what i can) but doesn’t the firestick struggle with Kodi just in general??


It definitely wouldnt be my first choice in devices to run Kodi, but with a small build like this it should at least run on them. I have seen weird happenings from Kodi in the past and a uninstall/reinstall always seem to help it. Not ideal, but at least it wont take long to put the few add-ons back on. Clear cache, close unused programs, uninstall not needed programs. The Firestick will need as many resources as you can give it.

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Yes correct as far as the fire stick not being the best choice for Kodi right now, it’s tough I’ve been using it for years! I am however playing with a Google chromecast tv, wondering if that is the direction I need to go in?

What addons are you using? If the addon closes as soon as you open it and goes back to the main Kodi screen then the addon may not be compatible with newer Kodi versions. What exactly is happening? Give as much detail as you can.

Thx for help
These are the add ons I’ve installed all with real debrid
Mad Titan

That’s all right now
I just went to open seren and Kodi jumped into manage installed apps
Doesn’t even open
From there I force stop so Kodi will open to add ons
Just tried to open Unleashed got a black screen
Same thing with all my add ons now
So I would have to go back to manage add ons
And force stop just to get Kodi to open but still not being g able to use add ons
Now Kodi won’t even open


Are you trying to open them from favorites or shortcuts? Maybe that is the issue. Go into Kodi settings and the addons menu from there and try opening them. If it works, that’s your issue. If none of them open still, clear all app data for Kodi, uninstall, install 20.1 and then reinstall all your addons. Don’t forget to reauthorize Real Debrid, Trakt, add your provider package for Seren, etc.


I’m opening them from when and if I can open Kodi right from add ons, but I believe I have uninstall and than reinstall to the new 20.1 thank you for the quick response

I have no idea what you’re saying. You open addons within Kodi… You don’t open Kodi from addons. Are you talking from your apps menu? If Kodi doesn’t open and stay open then it could be corrupted or device could be out of memory.

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Sorry I can’t explain myself too well, but I just uninstalled and installed Kodi 20.1 which works well

I am following this post as all of a sudden this past week Kodi 20.1 Nexus has not worked well for me either. I still use Firestick and CREW addon. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled as well as cleared Firestick. It is so slow and the downloads are not correct (even with Real Debrid). Should I go back to another version of Kodi?

What is going on with it? I had trouble with 20, so I installed 20.1 which worked better

I believe what I have is 20.1 Nexus which I downloaded via Troy’s latest video on it. After I uninstalled it and reinstalled I went to replace my favorite shows (which I wait all week to watch). Every show I added to favorites does not have the right stream. For instance, I wanted to watch a show that was live on April 5 but even though it says April 5th I get March 29th’s show.

Could be an issue with your favorites. Another reason why I use Trakt and save everything to my collection.

Thanks I’ll try that and perhaps reinstalling the lower version of Kodi.

I’m not sure about that I don’t add anything to my favorites, I’ll usually just find it on a Kodi add on

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The same exact thing is happening to me. I have a firestick. I upgraded to Kodi 20.1 and chose a different build than crew since crew was what I was using before. Just started last week. All my shows typically show 4-6 streams starting with 720 and they are all the previous weeks’s episodes. Can anyone help with this? Why is this suddenly happening?