Kodi Troubleshooting

I have been continually experiencing the following issues with Kodi and will appreciate any guidance . It can take over 2 minutes for the search page to open under the movie and tv section. A search can take well over a minute. Once something is located, opening it and finding a source to play it can be a 5 minute plus process. I’ve also noticed that fast forward will not work. Kodi has, but not so much recently, been prone to crash and/or not open from the home screen. I am using a wired eithernet connection with a moderate speed and a usb storage device. I do not regularly use a vpn because it slows things down. I do not use real debrid because they continually refuse to take my money.




Kodi is resource heavy in a sense. It’s a little slower than others. Can take a bit to gather links.

My suggestion Uninstaller kodi clean your cache reinstall then put on the crew and oath, best for free links. Little slower but should help with speeds.

Also remember kodi does take up resources and internet speed matters to.

The fastfoward does work but you need to tap it and it skips by tapping it, holding fast forward down tends to mess it up. Tap it it’s faster stop let it load pause a bit to catch up and play.

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Before you clear everything try a couple of things. Firstly, I am going to assume you have a real debrid account? If you don’t, then I’m not going to bother going any further.

Go into your addon settings and make sure ResolveURL has function cache on.
In universal resolvers disable everything except for real debrid (or whatever premium service you use)
Under the real debrid section in universal resolvers use the following settings:
Priority: 90
Torrent Support enabled
Cached torrents only enabled
Choose primary link automatically OFF

Go back to your main settings page and go to general. Set the page limit to 50 (or less if you want)

Go to the playback menu. Set provider timeout to 15. Make returned sources 100. Then go down to the section for file hosting filters and turn on debrid only. Pre-emptive termination ON. Pre-emptive limit 25. Filter out duplicate links. Then go down to the torrent support section. Enable torrent scrapers. Minimum seeders 10. Verify torrent cache. Remove uncached.

Go back to the providers menu. On the regular providers tab uncheck everything. On the real-debrid providers tab make sure all of them are checked.


For the fast forward button you have to go into the Kodi player settings and change the skip steps intervals.

I have tried many times to get real debrid, but they wont take my money and I see no reason to force them to. I’ve tried contacting their “support” but never got a response. It seems, at least to me, that many companies are making it very difficult to do business with them and if they don’t want my money, so be it. I will try your other suggestions later. Thx

Have installed and reinstalled about 5 times. Has made a slight difference

The payment is in Euros. If your bank doesn’t automatically do the conversion that could be a problem. Visa gift cards can be used for foreign transactions but charge a 3% fee. If you buy a 6 month subscription then it’s worth the time it takes to buy a Visa gift card. You can even buy a virtual one online and get it instantly.

The suggestions I made above will only work with a premium account. If your scrapers are only looking for free sources on the internet then it is going to take a long time. That is the whole point of having a premium account like real-debrid. The cached files are already on their servers and you are pulling them from one location instead of many different locations.


To what? Thank you for responding

Have you tried loading a smaller version/build of Kodi onto your device to see if that helps improve performance? The TP team has published numerous articles on the sizes of the various Kodi builds maybe try that route and see if performance improves.

Another route would be the Syncler APK. Although a little cumbersome to install initially (however if you have dumped/reloaded Kodi 5 times shouldnt be an issue) you can buy their “premium service” for no more than $2/month and have is essence access to Real-Debrid streams. The TP team has published many tutorials on how to inatall Syncler.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Good point. I don’t even use a build. I just use bare bones Kodi and installed the crew addon. I also use partymode to auto launch the crew when I open Kodi.

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I have had similar problems with loading speed on Kodi. I have 1GB download speeds on wired internet so that is not an issue. However, before I had really good speed it was noticeably slower, even with 50MB downstream. I had to take my VPN out since it just wasn’t working with it installed. Not sure why that was happening, but I go back to it every once in a while to try again. I paid for a three year sub. so hate to lose all of that.

As others have said, RealDebrid is a must and The Crew is definitely the best Add-On. Not sure why anyone would use a build since the add-ons come and go so often. This is a hobby and you need to keep up with what’s working best at the time, which is individual APK’s and Add-Ons.

Good luck!

It sounds like the problem is the device you have it installed. I have kodi installed on a android tv a cheap android box and a cheap android tablet, Android phone and my laptop. Try it on another device and see if you have the same problems. I use the oath as my go to add-on, ( crew for sports and iptv) no build, no debrid, and I very seldom have problems. I did try once running it from a usb flash to save space on my tv storage and that was a disaster.

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Thx for your response. Right now I don’t have anything else to install it on. I don’t dare try my phone. I don’t have my laptop right now, but I may try it on it when I get it back. I’ve been using the Oath the last few days and it is working better on playback. I still have the incredibly long time waiting for the search page to open.

I use kodi a lot, but decided against a build. I just download add ons that Troypoint suggests and everything downloads quicker.now I use mostly oath, tempest, crew. If new ones come out I just use them and delete the ones that don’t work.I do not use real debrid. I did at one time and they ended my subscription.

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Not sure if this will solve your problems or not, but here is the video I said I would post that goes through the settings.


Thx for your reply. That’s an interesting idea. I may try to download another copy, if it will let me. Without a build, how do you search for tv and movies? Right now, which I’m sure will change, everything is working pretty well. The only issue is that it always takes 2 plus minutes for the movie tv search page to open. I’ve been using Oath for playback and it’s better. I don’t use real debrid because they wont take my money. I seldom use a vpn. IP vanish never worked right. I’m using the free version of Proton. Contrary to what they say, both vpns slowed the signal down and I could not connect to Amazon apps.

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So there’s a couple things there with your last reply. Let’s go through them one at a time.

  1. If you want to have more than one copy of Kodi on your device then you will have to use the TP rapid app installer to install one of the forks. This obviously won’t free up any storage space on your device. So you may not get the results you want.

  2. If you decide to completely uninstall Kodi and start from scratch (which I would recommend) try going into the firestick settings into your app menu and clearing cache and clearing the app data before uninstalling. This should make sure you don’t have any old data still hanging around on your device.

  3. If you install a fresh copy of Kodi then you will have to manually install the add-ons one at a time yourself. This is the TP page that will walk you through the steps to install The Crew The Crew Installation. Some people have reported an issue installing it. I think when I did it I made sure to have “/” at the end of the source information. You can see it in the screenshot, but not in the narrative.

  4. If you can figure out another payment method for real-debrid I would encourage you to try again. But you can also try some similar services. I have never used them myself. But some of them that work with the crew add-on are; AllDebrid, Debrid-Link.fr, Linksnappy, MegaDebrid, Premiumize.me, RPnet, and Simply-Debrid. I have heard mention of MegaDebrid and AllDebrid but have never used them. I would probably try one of those before the others.

  5. As far as IPVanish and other VPNs, some of it depends on the protocol you are using. You can find this in the settings of the app. It’s good to have a basic understanding of what a VPN is and what it isn’t. A VPN by it’s very nature is going to be slower than your “unaltered” total throughput from your internet service provider. Your information has to be encrypted and sent to the VPN server, which then accesses the rest of the internet, then sends it back to you encrypted. So it is essentially a middle man. What a VPN does help you with is keeping your ISP from using algorithms to identify what kind of streaming you are doing and slowing you down. This is why (in some cases) it can help with buffering issues and slow speeds. And of course the primary reason for having a VPN is for privacy. Back to the VPN protocol… For the longest time the gold standard was OpenVPN. This definitely can cause a slow down in your connection. Now the stock IPVanish app also allows for the use of IKEv2, which is a little better. However, the best new protocol is WireGuard. Troy posted an article about how you can sign up for the beta program using the desktop first and then download the beta Android TV app from the rapid app installer. I have been using WireGuard for a while now and I have a fiberoptic internet service provider. I haven’t had any issues at all. The link with instructions on how to setup WireGuard is here.

I took your suggestion. Took a little doing. Wouldn’t let me install a second copy of Kodi 19, so I installed 18.6. Took a little while to find where to download Crew and Oath. Got everything done. Search is much faster. Pulls up many more results. It still takes a while to find a stream to playback. All in all, a vast improvement. Thx

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Thx again. Right now I’m happy with the way things are working. I’m a firm believer in " if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it". As far as debrid, I’ve tried, written to their support and nothing. I dont see why I should have to force money on them. Since I’ve got all that storage space on the usb, I’ll probably leave both copies

Hey Phil
I did delete kodi as to not have to much storage on my firestick. Than I reinstalled Kodi 18.6 I think
I didn’t do 19 because I think goi g forward Lot of the add ons use real debrid. I get email from troypoint and take advice with new add ons and I’m he email it tells you how to load it. Sometimes I’ll just google it. Stay in touch if you want I’ll always try new add ons. I do not use real debrid I tried and they ended my subscription after I paid for it
May try again or from this great community try an iptv subscription

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