KODI size increasing

I am running Kodi 18.9 with several video addons. Have noticed that over time the size of the Kodi app is increasing. Clearing the cache in the individual addons doesn’t help. Anyone have any ideas?


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Kodi is typically a big program. Cleaning up kodis cache and using less addons will help with it.

It’s recommended on a fire stick to stick with a few addons to keep it smooth.

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I do clear the KODI cache on the Firestick level before I launch KODI. Also I clear all cache within a app after I finish streaming and before I shutdown KODI.
I use sub titles, could that be the problem?

Hi @streamerjim
Recommend clearing cache before launching all your apps.

I have tried that too.


There isn’t much you can do other than cleaning cache.

It will get bigger. All the video addons and content you use adds to it.

By keeping it cleaned and maintained you won’t have issues. You can’t really downsize it unless you use it less or take off addons

I have only 2 on my kodi that’s it and no issues. I clean the cache of all apps weekly and it performs fine.

Are you using a build? I only use plain Kodi with the crew and real debrid and never have any issues.

No, not using a build. I use plain Kodi, with Fen, The Crew, Venom, Seren, and Real Debrid.

I’m using Kodi 18.9 version.

OK, Thank you, and thanks to all who responded.

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