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Thx. See, it’s already happened twice…and don’t need it a 3rd time. So, do you feel that what we want to try now is doable? If so with what kind of splitter. PS thx for the downoader rec. How is downloader used to do that?Thx again. Have a great week. PS we are really green at this. And even with that, it’s amazing what can be done even when you know nothing. Thx to TROY adn you guys.

Can you explain what happened? As specific as possible so people can help. I am not aware of any issues with the Android boxes when Kodi is updated. Or are you saying your kodi was not updating with all the previous addons included?

Search on Troypoint for a more in depth explanation of Downloader. Basically it allows you to download apks that may or may not be available in the Playstore. TP has his own toolbox.

The only time this should have happened is the update from 18 to 19 with the Python change. Basically the coding language was a big change and add-ons all needed to adapt as well. Shouldn’t be an issue to update to 21 if you currently have version 19 or higher.

P.S. It might have been 17 to 18. I don’t remember, but I’m not going to look it up lol.


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:clap:Tha is correct you are just updating kodi. Then all your addons automatically migrate.

thanks I needed that, your one online you skipped a beat

How do you get the video to work ? All I get is a spinning circle .

Check your connection. Just tested it and all good on my end

My connection is good . No problem their .

It’s shared from my Google Drive. Maybe check to make sure you’re logged in with a Google account before opening it? Idk

I couldn’t get it to open in Chrome but it opened in Silk browser .

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Didn’t realize you were trying to open it on a streaming device.

Hey @Jayhawks659 do you not use the whitelist settings in kodi? I really recommend using them for smooth playback.

Here are my suggestions for nvidia shield/firecube 3

Settings>Player>Video >Adjust display refresh rate - on start/stop

Settings>system>display>resolution -
set to 4k resolution

Settings>System>display>Whitelist -
highlight all 4k resolutions (remember to click ok)

All non 4k content will be upscaled using shields ai upscaler or firecubes super resolution upscaler.

Settings for device that doesnt have own custom upscaler:

Settings>Player>Video>Adjust display refresh rate - on start/stop

Settings>system>display>resolution -
set to 1080p

highlight below resolutions if available
3840x2160 - 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.976
1920x1080 - 60/59.94/50/24/23.976 (dont forget to click ok)

Kodi will upscale anything below 1080p to 1080p then pass to tv then tv will upscale.
1080p content will be passed to tv and tv will upscale to 4k(assuming tv is 4k)
4k content passed to tv, no upscaling required.

I’ve got my refresh rate auto switching set to always. This doesn’t do a whole lot in terms of upscaling. The AI upscaling of the shield handles the bulk. But I mostly watch 4K content anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

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Ya got any resolutions in whitelist selected?

Why would I need to if my TV supports all of them and the shield does the upscaling? My add-ons are already configured to prioritize the highest resolutions and Real Debrid gives me hundreds of results. I never have any issues with clipping or anything else. I don’t see how this adds any benefit.

If it works for you thats good. I just have all 4k resolutions selected and that works too.

This is a really good video, a huge thank you. I am pretty comfortable with KODI, using it for probably 10 years but I have learned a lot from your video. Wish you had a website with all that or something. Do you have a video about Crew Wizards? There are quite a few of them and would be nice to learn how to set it up properly

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Actually, the whitelist came in handy when switching to my projector. So thank you for the suggestion. I have an HDMI splitter because my Shield goes to both the TV and the projector. But the projector often doesn’t show a signal because it can’t handle 4K. Idk if the splitter can downscale one output to 1080p for the projector or not. Haven’t played with it to find out yet. But the other option is to use a Kodi fork and setup the whitelist to only output 1080 @ 60. Of course I’ll also have to change the Shield display mode each time also. Going to experiment with it this week.

No thank you @Jayhawks659

I now use your method, adjust display refresh rate set to always. Display resolution set to 4k.(might try at 1080p to see if any difference to quality).

Less buttons to click when setting kodi up.