Kodi Not Working with Popular Addons November 2023

The actual shows/movies are playing fine. It’s just that some of the menu’s are not functioning. Be creative. There are many other ways to get to your shows and movies. I have been using Trakt TV for years so I never have to go into a KODI menu other than My TV Shows/My Movies

If memory serves, can you not go into the addon settings and change from IMDB to Trakt as the scrapper to get your shows? I remember an option for setting that up in one of my addons…just can’t remember which one. I know that some addons give you the option to choose IMDB, TMDB or Trakt. For some, it may mean creating a free Trakt TV account to set up, but better to have it as a backup rather than just keep complaining about it not working because of IMDB issue…right?

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Not really understanding your post but I’ve been using Trakt for several years. Whenever I hear about a movie/Show I might be interested I just add it to my collection in Trakt on my phone or PC. The next time I go into KODI on my Box it’s there. I play from My movies/My TV Shows (Trakt in KODI) and all my shows are playing perfectly so whatever issue IMDB is having on KODI doesn’t affect me

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Scrubs crew homelander all acting up ….crew and homelander out of action maybe you need debrid but never needed it before…scrubs hit and miss on movies no tv streaming .factory loaded firestick reloaded KODI and troypoint then Diggz build no improvement …using Asgard seems to work but no search mechism

You definitely need Real Debrid for The Crew and it’s been that way for a while. Scrubs may be throwing in the Towel. The Dev of the Build Group I use posted this screenshot of comments from the Scrubs Dev. LOL He needs to take a chill pill :rofl: I had to “clean” this up a bit before posting here

This is why i stopped using Kodi many years ago. I did start using again but i don’t know for how long. They have to really get it together

I used the latest Superman builds, the crew & mad titans both don’t show movies, but almost all of the others work for movies

I am using the Kodi Estuary skin with Fen/Twilight addons and have had the best results ever. The only additional downloads are the A4k subs, Ariel, Kodi Log Viewer, Trakt Tv Scrobbler & the Open Wizard for cleaning and I have had no issues but for the (Textures13.db) file which can be resolved by going into ES files and deleting it. I have no idea where this file originated but it causes Kodi to freeze on Splash Screen.
Fen/Twilight in my opinion are the best of the addons with a huge selection within them.

Here’s a post from the developer of Umbrella having to do with this issue.


Begs the question. Is Kodi worth the hassles?
Lucy Shrugs

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Well yes. In my humble opinion. I know some of the issues I have posted were fixed by going to 20.0 from 20.2. Although I decided to go with Fen and Seren not Crew. So IMDb being the issue? I don’t think so. Just going by my results.:grin:

You should try 20.2 version of Kodi and Doomzday build and it should work. I also use Debrid. Good luck.

thank you so very much for the help

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So this sounds like the contextual menus we see for TV and Movies is a mixture of trakt (if installed), IMDB, and TMDB (if installed) data.

That’s why “progress” or “episodes” will work (trakt data) but TV “new shows” or Movie “recently released” (IMDB data) does not.

Based on the previous post from the umbrella developer, it seems like fixing the IMDB API is the only solution, similar to what happened about a year (or more?) ago when trakt changed its API, rendering its part of the contextual menus inoperable.

Hopefully a fix or workaround is found, as I use the new TV shows, recently released movies, and genre categories quite a lot.

Anyone know of an alternative for getting that data (besides thefutoncritic.com)?

Current Stable Kodi Build
The Promise add-on
Newest Fire TV Cube

There are many ways to get your shows/movies without having to go into the KODI menus that are affected due to the current IMDB issue. I never need to go into the KODI menus because I’ve been using Trakt for years. There are dozens of sites that will tell you what new movies/shows, genres, etc… are out there. Reelgood just to name one. I add all my shows/movies into Trakt either via the app or on a browser and when I go into KODI I only need to go to My TV Shows and My Movies never going into any of the other menu choices

Thanks Mark,
To clarify, I’m looking for new content I haven’t watched, both in terms of time (new TV shows, recently released movies) and content (genre, year, etc). I looked at the Reelgood on my phone but couldn’t see anything similar, will try again on a non-mobile browser when I get a chance.

(For context, typically what we do is look at the above, watch a trailer, and if we think it will be interesting, add it to our Trakt collection using the contextual menu. Once we start watching (or decide not to) we go back and delete for collections. I’m sure there’s other ways of doing this but it’s what worked for us across multiple devices).

Reel good does exactly what you are looking for. Create a Free account then you can Filter any number of ways. I have mine set up to Filter by New Shows, on the services I want (Netflix, HULU, Paramount, etc…) by day of the week. It will also recommend shows/movies as well based on your Trakt collection. There is a button where if you enable syncing it synchs to your Trakt collection.

Has anyone tried downloading an earlier version. If so what was the result.

Earlier version of which addon?

Yes I went back to 20.0 and reloaded all my addons. That worked for me.:grin: