Kodi Not Working with Popular Addons November 2023

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Many Kodi users are reporting the platform is not working with various addons and Kodi Builds. As of November 15, 2023, it seems that there is an issue with many popular Kodi Addons including The Crew, Homelander, Scrubs V2, and more. The problem seems to be stemming from IMDb as addons that rely on this…


Scrubsv2 isn’t working on new Latest movies or any TV shows, but you can still search for things, the only thing that is working is “In your Theater”, maybe it’s being updated or stopped all together.?

Tried it again and still not working,maybe it’s the end of free streams :disappointed_relieved:.

Just tested the addon with a TV show I’ve been watching. It is working for me.

Is it just a specific category or can you not get anything to play at all?

Yes it works if you search for things , but if you go to Latest TV shows or returning shows then nothing is available.

It probably has something to do with the API of IMDB and the addon not syncing together.

When I explore with TMDB all of the categories appear to function normally though. Categories like trending, premier shows, and airing today all working through that search process.

I have faith that the dev of the addon will address the issues with IMDB explore when he has the time.

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Yes i know so the problem is with IMDb…


Hi there. Using fs 4k max. Installed the crew, which I’ve used for years and it will not search for movies or tv shows. For instance if I click on in theaters now, it just comes right back. Won’t let me choose any option. Tried everything! Any help greatly appreciated!

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Check the other posts. Troy addressed this with a new post I believe. I think it’s a kodi issue.


I noticed this yesterday on The Crew and 9Lives where the New Movies and New Shows was not working. I’m sure it will get sorted out soon. Really not affecting me as I use Trakt TV for all my Shows and Movies. I add everything I want in Trakt on a Browser on my PC then when I open up KODI on my TV all my Shows/Movies are there.

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Just removed crew 2.0.5. Installed Fen and although I can now advance through the different movie and tv shows, the sound is buffering. Started watching an episode, wrong language so stopped and chose a different stream and audio buffering on every stream I tried. Thought Fen was my saving grace! Nope!!

The Crew is not the problem. The problem is with IMDB I believe. I am watching The Crew and my shows in Trakt and having zero issues. I believe their are some issues with Search and some others but no issues with the Crew shows


I even tried my fs 4k loaded Kodi 20.1, then 19.5 same issue as before with crew. Will not let me advance to choose movie categories or tv show categories. As I stated before, I loaded Fen per Troys instructions exactly and I can maneuver around but if I have change a stream due non English or go to nest episode or different movie all I get is audio buffering and video freezing. I’ve been doing this a long time and I just can’t figure it out. Cinema and everything else works except crew or it’s addons like Moria, homelander etc.

Oh and my buddy is running Kodi 20.0, crew,Moria yadayada no problem :woozy_face:

Thank you @TROYPOINT for putting this piece out. So many folks having issues but being told it’s on our end. Yet , still after your article here as stated before some aren’t having the issue. Thanks again for the info Troy


Yes great post by Troy, yet there is still an issue. Just hope a cure is near :grin:

Nonissues here. The Crew and 9Lives playing all my shows. I use Trakt TV and add my shows and movies into Trakt and they are playing fine in KODI

I have trakt and using real debrid. Still issues with Fen, Crew and Moria. Also Seren won’t allow a4kScrapers to load. And yes, I always make sure I enter everything perfectly. Been doing this for years. Just sayin!:blush:

No problem for me on fen or crew