Kodi not working like it always has

def not over i watch all i need without a problem maybe try different apps

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Maybe you should make a video on how you install Kodi and get it to work. Put it on YouTube!!!

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not my thing just give what info i have and hope it helps the only thing i do is keep it simple i dont use builds and only use kodi as a back up with a few sports apps on it the rest for movies and tv prog i use stand alone apps all on firestick

Been using KODI for 6+years. It is all I use for Shows/Movies. Pretty hard to find consistent working streams without RD now.

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Real Debrid subscription expired or the link is corrupted. Your account is still linked and therefore you can still see the streams, but they won’t play. Very simple explanation.

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I had to add RD to stremio. Without it the feeds became very unstable if not at all.

Pretty odd. I just got done watching Stremio free feeds for my stuff without issues.



That’s interesting. Which apps would you recommend?


i sent message with list if you need any more info let me know

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