Kodi Audio Settings AudioTrack (IEC) or AudioTRack (RAW) What's Best?

Hi I have kodi connected to my 7.1 soundbar (e ARC).And tv with dolby vision & Dolby Atmos.Both have eARC ,Dolby Atmos.In kodi audio settings which is best.AudioTrack (IEC) or AudioTrack(RAW). Cheers Rob.

IEC with passthrough turned on. I cover this in my video.

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Kodi Audio Settings AudioTrack (IEC) or AudioTRack (RAW) What’s Best?. I Have 7.1 Dolby Atmos, e(ARC) Soundbar.HDMI Connected. Any help would be Amazing. Cheers Rob.

Does kodi have audio passthrough. If so then let your equipment do the audio processing.

Which is best for pass through?. AudioTrack (IEC) or AudioTRack (RAW)

Passthrough means it will pass the audio track as it is encoded without any need for you to do anything. Your equipment will then decode the audio track to what is compatible for your equipment. I don’t use Kodi but what I do use has the passthrough.

Kodi has 2 pass through settings::: AudioTrack (IEC) or AudioTRack (RAW).Just like to know which is best for use with my soundbar which has 7.1.Atmos e(ARC).Soundbar 7.1 with sub woofer and 2 wireless satellite speakers.Cheers Rob

If AudioTrack (Raw) is selected then the audio from the media is sent into Audiotrack and Android IEC packers are used to do the packing into the IEC packages. If AudioTrack (IEC) is selected then Kodi does the packing into the IEC packages. It’s odd that you have to choose, but then again, as I mentioned I don’t use Kodi. Any device I’ve ever used, in Audio settings I use passthrough, so that my Soundbar or AVR do the decoding that is best for that equipment, not my Streaming device. So if you absolutely need a choice try RAW. ARC is just the Audio Return Channel eARC allows for higher bandwidth.

Thanks for your help and understanding with this,Still not sure which is best with kodi. (RAW) or (IEC).Pass through. Thanks again for your advice.Rob

My explanation explained the difference Raw allows Android to process the IECs. IEC choice makes Kodi process the IECs. As mentioned I don’t use Kodi so I have no knowledge of how well it does or doesn’t process the IECs. The choice is yours.

You know there’s this process called “trial and error”. You only have two choices. Shouldn’t be that hard to test lol